Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 1 - Demolition and Grounds Examination

Almost one week into the project. The last few days have been focused on demolition, getting utilities reconnected, lining up sub contractors, and ordering materials.

Personally, I had a difficult time even doing a walk through because the amount of work to do seems overwhelming, but the Mr. assures me that he has done this many times on other people's houses (including ours) and not to worry.

I guess it is like house boot camp. Tear you down and build you up.

Anyway, half bath is gutted.

The carpet is up in the living room which has become a staging area for doors, windows, and wood.

Kitchen looks pretty sad with all its guts showing.

The Mr. setup his meditation chair in the fourth bedroom.

Finally got my first good look at the exterior. Yuck. All this siding will have to be replaced.

Here's the front without snow. The landscaper starts on Wednesday and first thing on the agenda is ripping out those bushes. Too bad I have to go to work. I hear there will be a back hoe involved. Always a good time.

Rear view. Going to need to replace the siding back there as well.

The lot is very nice. Quite deep and the back half is wooded with a nice upward slope that provides some privacy from the neighbors in the rear.

See that cement post to the right and the other one covered with the blue tarp? Those mark the fallout shelter. Yup, when I checked the permit history with the town hall turns out in 1961 a fallout shelter was installed. Duck and cover, baby.

Time permitting, might dig it up for a look see.

The Mr. is pretty tired. He hadn't planned on doing so much of the demolition himself. Hopefully help will arrive on Monday and he can spend his days in the barn making cabinets and whatnot.

Until next week...


  1. It looks like you are really getting deep down into the work now. It would be interesting to check out the shelter back there!

  2. Wow! Looks like it's all happening really quickly! Can't wait to see the progress!

  3. I love the property -- a good dog yard!! Are you guys going to keep the Swiss Chateau roof line in the front or make it more linear? I can't believe how much he's gotten done in one week! It's going to be beautiful!

  4. It is a great dog yard!! Wish I was there, as I am just starting the tedious process of thinking about getting myself a house. If I could find one with a great yard and lovingly rebuilt, I would be in heaven! :) Amazing the progress in a few short days!
    Well done!

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  5. Wow a fallout shelter! Interesting. Maybe you could make it into a big dog kennel or cubby house. Hope you get a chance to have a look. Looks like you have been real busy. Take care all. No worries, love Carol.

  6. I always thought the demo part of renovations was the best. Well, other than the 'it's all done' part ;) There's just something real satisfying about the sound of a sledgehammer going through a wall or a crowbar cracking a cabinet from its frame ;O Weeeeeeeee! Roo here, "Yeah that was wacko Mom chattin her ninny head off." Me, I'd be out in the yard waitin for the food breaks :P

    Thinkin we could do somethin real fun with that fallout shelter. Secret hide-out! Special clubhouse! Control center for spyin on whoever and whatever :D Oh gosh I'm gettin sooooo excited!

    Bummer you have to go to work and miss the backhoe fun. Mom has always wanted to drive one of those. Never had a yard big enough though where there wasn't a huge risk of her plowin through the house ;O


    PeeS: Make sure you look real close in all the walls and cracks and stuff. Peeps tend to hide things in there. Maybe treasure! :D

  7. What a cute little house! At least hoarders did not live in it like our former neighbor. I am excited to follow the progress. Love the yard and cannot wait to see the bomb shelter! Great selling point!

  8. How incredible that you've gotten so much work done - I can beLIEVE that the Mr. must be exhausted. I actually remember when people were building fallout shelters, tho my folks didn't. Whew - lots and lots of work ahead, but so much done in such a seemingly short time! Looking good!
    Sammie and the Gang

  9. Mr. is really out-doing himself on the little foster house. Maybe you could use the fallout shelter against Mango farts!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Oh Oh Oh...the Lacie is glad to be of help...hook the Mastiff Mobile's front bumper up to those bushes and hit the gas in Reverse really need for one of those Mechanical Terriers.

    Bomb Shelter...don't tell Agatha...she will never leave.

    As for that tire swing...good thing my small bottomed self will fit in there...I will be observing the demolitions of things...

    Can't believe how much work you guys must be exhausted, Dexter...

    XXOO Beast

  11. I have a walk in safe in my basement, but I've never had a house with a fallout shelter. Cool stuff. It's nice that Mr. has something to keep him off the streets and out of the bars.

  12. We thought there was supposed to be a crew of lean-bodied young hunks to do the heavy lifting? Photos were promised. Well, the Mango Master is a handsome weathered hunk; guess he'll do. Are those copper pipes in the bathroom? Better have armed guards on duty 24/7 - or Mango, El'bow & Thor could take turns on guard duty.

    We want to see lots of photos of the careful excavation of the fall-out shelter, please! It's the closest we'll ever get to participating in the excavation of an ancient monument. Who knows what you may find inside.

    Jed & Abby

  13. The lot looks nice, and the house looks well on its way to being gutted. But a fallout shelter? Oooh. I am so totally jealous now. (Seriously. That is a piece of history!) Maybe you could find one of those old civil defense signs for decoration. :-)

    I still don't envy you. (Other than the fallout shelter.) But at least it's not like you are trying to live in this house! ;-)

    -Dr. Liz