Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 2 - More Demolition and Help Arrives

Hopefully the majority of the demolition is finally over. One dumpster has already been filled and a new one awaits more debris.

Biggest change is the wall between the living room and kitchen coming down. Nasty bricks. Ick.

A brand new stud wall with see through cabinets on top will be going up here eventually.

The kitchen is even more sad than last week.

In the family room, the walls have been taken down.

The double sliding doors were reframed and replaced with nice, tight, energy efficient single sliders.

Two of the four windows reframed (to make them smaller) and replaced.

Full bath, gutted.

Wall between the family room and the fourth bedroom knocked out down to the studs.

And the ceiling is out in the fourth bedroom.

In the back, some of the siding already came off to prepare for the new sliders.

This week, the Mr. was no longer working all alone. Yes, help arrived.

Jerry, the plumber got started rerunning all the plumbing.

Jerry wanted me to note that there will be absolutely NO plumber's crack on this job. Oh thank you.

Master Carpenter, Robo-Ronnie also joined the crew. Ron recently got a full upgrade with two brand new shoulders AND two new knees. "Come quietly or there will be..... trouble."

Here's Herb the Helper. His job is to pick up anything that falls on the floor and put it in the dumpster. Seems to have kept him busy all week.

Yeah, I, too, was hoping for burly young bucks with six pack abs, tight jeans, and fully loaded tool belts, but I guess since I'm not running the job I don't get a vote.


Mango Momma


  1. Great header pic!! MAN they've made a lot of progress this week!! An no big surprises? Like rotten floors or bad plumbing? Love watching SOMEONE ELSE go through this!! (we have photos...)

  2. Mango Momma...did you say something about STUDS? Do they date? I'm just sayin'... guys have done a ton of workie...

    I may comeup and hang in the tire swing. Mango replaced with with a tire of a tractor. Honestly, that other swing musta been off a kid's trike, small as it was.


  3. Hi Mango Momma, great header. The renovations look daunting but luckily the Master and his mates know what to do. Its amazing what has been done in a few weeks. Thanks for not showing plumbers crack. Some things are best left hidden. I was a little disappointed with no young fellas working, but there is nothing wrong with an old buck. They still get the job done! No worries, love Carol.

  4. {panting} Ummmm- hello's
    me's was little flash back when me saw 'da pho-toes of 'da toilet!!!!! hu hu's

    Me can over to get me overalls and me red hammer and take a wack at someting- me is strong

    Momma says Herb 'da Helper cool-
    butt she's wits yous- need more like an
    Antoine ..(Je fais parti de votre mess) hu hu's

    Anakin Mini-Mastiff Man

  5. Really love the header photo! The Mr. looks very studly ;D Can't believe all the progress you've made in just two weeks! Excellent job!

    Waggin at ya,

  6. What a huge project! We know you'll get throught it just fine and it will be gorgeous when it's all done!

  7. WOW! You folks are doing a great job!! Love watching the progress!

  8. At this rate, you're going to have that house on the market before summer! Most impressive. Hope Robo-Ronnie's new parts hold up; they'll sure get a thorough road test on this job. Hope none of the others need replacement parts by the time you're finished.

    Jed & Abby

  9. WOw,Mango Momma

    This owphan house is gonna be a gem wif all the wowk that Mango Dad and his helpews awe doing..I can visooalize it aweady
    I wish Mommi and Daddi would be smawt like you
    smoochie kisses