Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week Four - Outside Progress

Of course there will be some weeks during which everybody is working hard, but to the untrained eye, there is not much to see. Such was this week because by all accounts everybody worked themselves into a puddle as evidenced by the Mr's inability to keep his eyes open for much of the day on Saturday.

In the barn, there has been a lot of cabinet activity resulting in... this! I think he still needs to do a bit more work.

That's all new siding on the back of the house and you can see on the left that the last two new windows are in on the family room.

Meanwhile, the front is on a downward trend as far as attractiveness goes.

Sad little house. One of the stone piles holding up the Swiss Chalet is out so that the siding could go up. Hence the supporting structures.

See? Nothing left but a wee pile of rocks.

Ick, looks like some nasties there.

Let me know if you need any dirt. Apparently there is some extra. I think this dirt used to be in the front yard someplace. It is likely to journey to the back. Looks kind of sandy to me. Not much good for growing.

Oh break my heart! Imagine my joy when I came home and discovered these beautiful rhododendrons all ready to fill the flower beds in front of OUR estate.

Ah, but my hopes were dashed when I learned that they are only stopping over here on their way to the project house.

There are eight of them so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there isn't room for them all and we get to keep a couple.

Mango Momma signing off.


  1. Tell Mr. Master that Dexter and Mango peed on two of them.. EACH... I think that will leave you with 4 and 4 for the foster house.

    The place is taking shape!!! QUICKLY!

  2. We were thinking the same thing as Frankie - get Mango or Pea to pee on a couple of the rhododendrons... Things are moving along nicely on the FH. I love the lighting in the barn. What a nice place to work...

  3. Me tinks 'dat 'da Mango Momma for sure should get some of 'dem flowers~

    'da house progressions looks great!!

    Anakin Man

  4. Tearing down is always the easy part; building up is the hard, time-consuming and satisfying part. Looks like lots of progress to us. Maybe once the foster house has its forever owners, Mango Master will use some of the profits to buy Mango Momma some shrubs of her choice for the Mango estate.

    Maybe you could put part of the sand around your pool and have your own beach at the Mango estate. It could be a licit place to dig.

    Jed & Abby

  5. Hi Gang, still looks like hard work to me. I prefer to watch than do. Not that I would have a clue how to do any renovating anyway. Momma,I definitely think you should be entitled to at least two plants for your efforts in documenting this project. Take care all, no worries, love Carol.

  6. OMG, we biggified the first picture of Master's workshop and there is no sawdust on the floor! It's spic-n-span! He must dust at the end of every day! We hope you get to keep a couple of the rhododendrons, Mango!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Dan's up to his eyeballs in roof repairs and landscaping here. You have my sympathy on the loss of the rhodos. I love them; we must have 20.

  8. We haven't checked the progress for a bit, but things sure are moving along.

    Maybe you will need to relocate to the renovated house to enjoy those rhododendrons.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. The foster house is coming right along! Well done! I like the L formation at the back of the house - very pretty. As far as those pretty little rhododendrons, I think a couple may be in your future :)