Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week 8 - Home Stretch

Believe it or not, we're in the home stretch already. Should be another couple of weeks if everything comes together OK.

At this point, there are no more decisions to make, just need to line everybody up to do the finish work in the most reasonable order.

I forgot to mention last week that the French doors are really cool. They have blinds built in between the panes of glass so you never have to dust them. Sweet.

Robo Ronnie made this decorative fan for the little peak that was formally the Swiss Chalet. Nice to have those extra touches that make the house unique.

He also spent some time putting the frames in for the lower cabinets. This way Jarrod can start tiling the kitchen. Of course that would be on Tuesday as the boys implored the Mr. to give them the day off on Memorial Day (what, does this look like a union job?).

Eric has the first coat of paint on most of the interior walls. Kind of hard to see, but the family room is a nice soft yellow. Very cheery.

The two smaller bedrooms have a neutral taupe. Just enough to add warmth as opposed to the stark white paint that you often see in new houses.

This is quite clever. How do you paint a bunch of doors? Apparently, you set them up like a maze and then walk around spraying them.

Now the plan is; get the paint finished, install the base cabinets in the kitchen, get the counter tops made, do the exterior, re-assemble the kitchen and bathrooms and last of all install the carpet. Piece of cake, right?

Mango Momma

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 7.5 - Shop Work

The Mr. sure spends a lot of time in the barn. Cut, clamp, varnish, cut, clamp, varnish, varnish, varnish. Three coats of varnish on everything.

Every surface covered with cabinets in some state of construction.

Base cabinets. A woodworker needs tons of clamps.

Fronts for the upper cabinets between the kitchen and the dining room.

More base cabinets. They need to go in first so that the countertops can be made.

The Mr. took all these photos himself... "these are the pictures that I find interesting," he told me.


What kind of wood is that anyway?


Clamp, varnish, wait... and wait.... and wait... and wait...

Gotta love that wait time. Since he doesn't have a spraying booth, once a coat of varnish is on, the barn is in lock down until it dries lest there be dust raised which would damage the finish.

I'm not bothered, good time for the Mr. to do some weed whacking. Hehehe.

Mango Momma

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 7 - video edition

I tried making a movie of the progress this week. Watching it I realized how difficult it is to recall how the house looked before, and, to a certain extent, how it looked during. Really coming together fast now. Hope you enjoy it. Kind of long... but lots to see.

Mango Momma

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 6 - Some Fresh Faces

Herb the Helper seems intent on tending to that red bush. One of only two plantings out front worth saving.

Time to start putting the house back together in earnest. The Mr. chose a nice warm yellow for the exterior. This is just the first coat. It's going to look great.

We're leaving the stickers on the windows so that potential buyers know that they are brand new and energy efficient.

Let's take a look inside...

The brick surround on the family room fireplace had to go. It was deemed just too darn nasty for the new house. Good thing too, because the Mr. discovered a crack in the fireplace metal that will need patching.

Lesson learned that for the next project there needs to be a staging area that is off the property. Every room is packed with stuff waiting to be installed and Herb the Helper spends a lot of time moving things out of the way.

A helpful note left for James the plasterer.

Oh look! At last! Somebody showed up who wasn't born back when Eisenhower was still in office.

Yup, it's Jarrod!

Check it out! He can bend and twist and move fast and everything without grunting and groaning and popping his joints.

Jarrod came by to replace Robo-Ronnie who is off for a few days doing other stuff. No worries for me. Now I just need to wait for a hot day and go see if I can help by hosing him down.

Oh my.

Robo-Ronnie has informed me that once the hot weather arrives his bionic shoulders and knees will be on full display and I will soon lose interest in photographing the impossibly young and fit Jarrod. We shall see.

Here's Eric the Painter stirring up his brew.

And finally James the plasterer with a robust looking young helper.

Hey guys! Get to work. That sheet rock won't hang itself, you know.

Gosh, that looks kind of heavy. Makes me glad I get to sit around on my butt at work all day.

Overall, still on schedule for early June completion. Of course the monsoons are predicting for the upcoming week which might slow Eric the painter down a tad. Fingers crossed.

Mango Momma

Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 5 - More Outside, More Cabinets

How many pairs of work boots does a good carpenter need?

Apparently, three.... and a single sneaker.

It's clamop-o-rama in the barn whilst the Mr. is busy gluing back together the pieces of wood he bought and chopped up.

Looks like they're not going anywhere soon.

Hang on, this is actually starting to look like a kitchen cubboard. What do you know?


Lots of work this week getting all the new siding up.

There are small details going on that the average person (like me) won't notice except for an overall feeling of rightness to the house.

Case in point, all of the front windows were slightly repositioned to give the house a more balanced look.

Back 40 is all nicely cleared out. I would love to have that little forest in my backyard.

Check this out.

It's the new boiler.

Cool thing about it is that it doesn't need a chimney.

Nope, vents right out the side of the house, so not only does that save a ton of labor on installation, I bet it will help melt snow in the winter time.

Mango Momma signing off.