Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 6 - Some Fresh Faces

Herb the Helper seems intent on tending to that red bush. One of only two plantings out front worth saving.

Time to start putting the house back together in earnest. The Mr. chose a nice warm yellow for the exterior. This is just the first coat. It's going to look great.

We're leaving the stickers on the windows so that potential buyers know that they are brand new and energy efficient.

Let's take a look inside...

The brick surround on the family room fireplace had to go. It was deemed just too darn nasty for the new house. Good thing too, because the Mr. discovered a crack in the fireplace metal that will need patching.

Lesson learned that for the next project there needs to be a staging area that is off the property. Every room is packed with stuff waiting to be installed and Herb the Helper spends a lot of time moving things out of the way.

A helpful note left for James the plasterer.

Oh look! At last! Somebody showed up who wasn't born back when Eisenhower was still in office.

Yup, it's Jarrod!

Check it out! He can bend and twist and move fast and everything without grunting and groaning and popping his joints.

Jarrod came by to replace Robo-Ronnie who is off for a few days doing other stuff. No worries for me. Now I just need to wait for a hot day and go see if I can help by hosing him down.

Oh my.

Robo-Ronnie has informed me that once the hot weather arrives his bionic shoulders and knees will be on full display and I will soon lose interest in photographing the impossibly young and fit Jarrod. We shall see.

Here's Eric the Painter stirring up his brew.

And finally James the plasterer with a robust looking young helper.

Hey guys! Get to work. That sheet rock won't hang itself, you know.

Gosh, that looks kind of heavy. Makes me glad I get to sit around on my butt at work all day.

Overall, still on schedule for early June completion. Of course the monsoons are predicting for the upcoming week which might slow Eric the painter down a tad. Fingers crossed.

Mango Momma


  1. My goodness... things are really moving FAST. I like the house color! Warm and homey.

  2. They are movin' right along. Ruby says any of those guys can scritch her ears any time!!

  3. Incredible how fast the work goes on!
    One can now imagine how beautiful it once already is!

  4. Love the yellow exterior color. Happy color. Jarrod is certainly the cutie, but I still think the "Sparky" in the red BoSox shirt is nice eye-candy as well.

    Can't wait to see the kitchen cabinets and new wall. I can't picture it in my head, despite your excellent commentary.

  5. Wow - these guys are fast workers! Love the yellow exterior. It looks warm and pretty in all seasons!

  6. Khyra wants to know if she should send some floof to improve the R value?

    Khyra's Mom ;-)

  7. Excellent progress. Thanks Momma for your extensive progress report. I actually wanted to see more of the build but, if you have to throw in some worker dudes, well I suppose I will have to check them out too. Heaps good. No worries, love Carol.

  8. WOW, what an undertaking. My girl friend flips houses too. I don't have the energy to do something like this but it fun to watch someone else do it!! :)

  9. The house is coming along and looking great! I like the yellow exterior color and that sweet red bush. And you can send Jarrod up here - we could use his help too! Tee hee hee!!!

  10. I enjoyed the commentary more them the house progression! hee hee

    too funny and you are naughty!!

  11. Mango Mama
    That fostew house suwe is lucky to have all those guys wowking on hew. I thinkt's going to be bootiful and you will make tons of gween papews and then can stawt on the next one, hehehehe
    smoochie kisses