Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 12 - Tick tock, tick tock

No update this week. Yet another delay and with the July 4th weekend coming up, we decided not to list the house until July 5th... stay tuned.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 11 - Getting Ready to Show

Just a few pictures this week. If all goes according to plan, the big before and after reveal will be next week.

The real estate photographer is coming on Tuesday, so now the rush is on the get the interior Hollywood ready before that.

The hardwood floors are down and so is the protective covering to keep icky work boots and dropped items from marring them.

Glass fronts and backs on almost all of the upper kitchen cabinets. Still need hardware.

And the tile is down.

Dishwasher installed. Black. Another choice dictated by the latest kitchen fashions. Can you say fingerprint magnet?

"All" remaining is kitchen finish, clean up, and inspections. That cleanup is hard work and the Mr. has spent most of the weekend at it. Amazing how many bits and pieces accumulate from major construction.

The term "weekend" has long since lost all meaning for the Mr.

Poor guy.

Mango Momma

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week 10 - Beautiful Street Side View

I sure will be glad to see a "for sale" sign go up because the Mr. is exhausted and could use a few days off.

The big parade of inspectors started this week with the electrical giving us a thumbs up.

I have no doubt the neighbors are thrilled that what once looked like this...

Now looks like this!

Sure, just new windows, french doors, custom made shutters, landscaping, removal of the Swiss chalet, replacing shingles and gutters, paint, and various other repairs and you have a nice new sparkly front.

The kitchen counters went in yesterday and the tile is down. This is totally not my idea of a kitchen color scheme, but we are sticking with the home buyer's latest fashion trend. Ten years hence this will likely get replaced by a retro pink and avocado kitchen. Sigh.

Half bath all done. Check.

I love the warm look of the hallway with the brand new doors.

They are working their way in from the two ends of the house. So now the core is all that remains; kitchen finish and hardwood floors for the living room / dining room.

Mango Momma

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 9.5 - Landscaping

Oh boo hoo. Yesterday, Jimmy, the evil landscaper came and took ALL of MY beautiful rhododendrons away to plant at the project house. Look at the smug expression, "yeah, lady, I'm taking them ALL and you can't stop me."

I could have taken him. He might be strong but he isn't fast. However, my attempts to confiscate the plants were thwarted by the arrival of Jimmy's gang of thugs who muscled me aside and proceeded with the extraction.

Hey! This one is smiling too! What, you like seeing a woman in pain?

Such a sad sight...

Back at the job, Jimmy and one of his gang discuss a pile of dirt.

Whilst red shorts dude merrily introduces the rhodies to their new home.

Pause for a brief lesson in moving dirt into a wheelbarrow.

Ah, poor James. His work is done, but he just can't resist stopping by to see the progress.

There will be lots to see this weekend! Meanwhile, I am planning a night raid to retake at least one of those rhododendrons. They'll never miss it. Hehehe.

Mango Momma!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week 9 - Some Rooms are (gasp) FINISHED (almost)

It has become painfully obvious that I will need to wait for the official listing photos for you to get the full effect of the finished rooms. My camera, lacking a wide angle lens, does not do the rooms justice. Here, for example, is the master bedroom all painted and carpeted.

Also, the carpet color looks kind of weird. Looks much better in person.

So let's focus on stuff that I CAN photograph like the front of the house which is just waiting for shutters and front door paint (oh and the final landscaping).

Busy, busy little hive of activity. All the carpeting is in (bedrooms and family room), interior paint done, doors all painted and ready to be hung and exterior painting underway.

Here's some photos of the guys hard at work.

Eric the painter...

Jarrod meditating...

Sparky 1 and Sparky 2 messing about with the wiring.

And Robo Ronnie showing off his new knees (among other things). Ronnie, buddy, I was honestly expecting more from you. Perhaps next time the Mr. will opt to photograph your bionic shoulders rather than your buttocks.

Inside, the carcasses are in for the kitchen cabinets and all measured up for the granite counter tops. I will say, yet again, that granite counter tops are icky, but everybody seems to want them. I would always go with corian myself. Granite is much hard to maintain and corian looks quite nice, but of course this house isn't for me, so granite it is.

Now you get the idea, right? That is the wall between the kitchen and living room with base cabinets and the uppers which will have glass on both sides (ignore the Mr. there, just measuring stuff, I think).

A little before and after. The former view from the kitchen into the unfinished space which used to be the back half of the garage.

Now sporting a new wall and an actual room. Nice little home office space. You can see in the corner where Jarrod has started laying down the tile.

I have a short before and after video of the family room that you can watch here.

The before family room had wood panelling and windows that were way too big. Just plain nasty. Do you remember?

After! Smaller, insulated windows, new slider, new walls, paint, carpet... lovely!

Still the elusive "two weeks" away from putting it on the market.

Mango Momma