Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 11 - Getting Ready to Show

Just a few pictures this week. If all goes according to plan, the big before and after reveal will be next week.

The real estate photographer is coming on Tuesday, so now the rush is on the get the interior Hollywood ready before that.

The hardwood floors are down and so is the protective covering to keep icky work boots and dropped items from marring them.

Glass fronts and backs on almost all of the upper kitchen cabinets. Still need hardware.

And the tile is down.

Dishwasher installed. Black. Another choice dictated by the latest kitchen fashions. Can you say fingerprint magnet?

"All" remaining is kitchen finish, clean up, and inspections. That cleanup is hard work and the Mr. has spent most of the weekend at it. Amazing how many bits and pieces accumulate from major construction.

The term "weekend" has long since lost all meaning for the Mr.

Poor guy.

Mango Momma


  1. Lookin' good!! Hopefully Mango and Pea have something planned for Father's Day ;-)

  2. ALMOST.. there!!! WHEW! Lookin GOOOOOOOD

  3. What a job. Well done Mr and the crew. Can't wait to see the final product. Mr, hope you have had time for a couple of nice cold beers inbetween working. No worries, love Carol

  4. Very nice! I actually have a black dishwasher, and it's not as bad as you might think (or maybe the lighting in my kitchen is bad enough that you can't tell).... The house looks great! Hopefully once it's all done (and sold), you can spend lots of quality time doing nothing! ;-)

    -Dr. Liz

  5. The guys and I have enjoyed tour comments. Thanks for all the kind words.

  6. What a lot of work but it's all coming together now! Love the kitchen floor! I wish it was in my house!

  7. He's almost done-- and then a break maybe? Everything is looking good, though!

  8. We're eager to see the final product and the glamour shots. It does indeed look terrific and we hope it will sell like a shot.

    Jed & Abby

  9. It's looking gweat and someone will be most happy to adopt that fostew house wif evewything so spawlkling new and bootifully finished.
    I think the Mw and you bof desewve an extended vacation when this is ovew
    smoochie kisses
    ASTA Oh, and Mommi too

  10. I can only say again: professional work, very modern. It pleases me very well. I would move in to.

  11. You have made SO much progress since da last time I stopped by!
    Great job!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae