Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week 9 - Some Rooms are (gasp) FINISHED (almost)

It has become painfully obvious that I will need to wait for the official listing photos for you to get the full effect of the finished rooms. My camera, lacking a wide angle lens, does not do the rooms justice. Here, for example, is the master bedroom all painted and carpeted.

Also, the carpet color looks kind of weird. Looks much better in person.

So let's focus on stuff that I CAN photograph like the front of the house which is just waiting for shutters and front door paint (oh and the final landscaping).

Busy, busy little hive of activity. All the carpeting is in (bedrooms and family room), interior paint done, doors all painted and ready to be hung and exterior painting underway.

Here's some photos of the guys hard at work.

Eric the painter...

Jarrod meditating...

Sparky 1 and Sparky 2 messing about with the wiring.

And Robo Ronnie showing off his new knees (among other things). Ronnie, buddy, I was honestly expecting more from you. Perhaps next time the Mr. will opt to photograph your bionic shoulders rather than your buttocks.

Inside, the carcasses are in for the kitchen cabinets and all measured up for the granite counter tops. I will say, yet again, that granite counter tops are icky, but everybody seems to want them. I would always go with corian myself. Granite is much hard to maintain and corian looks quite nice, but of course this house isn't for me, so granite it is.

Now you get the idea, right? That is the wall between the kitchen and living room with base cabinets and the uppers which will have glass on both sides (ignore the Mr. there, just measuring stuff, I think).

A little before and after. The former view from the kitchen into the unfinished space which used to be the back half of the garage.

Now sporting a new wall and an actual room. Nice little home office space. You can see in the corner where Jarrod has started laying down the tile.

I have a short before and after video of the family room that you can watch here.

The before family room had wood panelling and windows that were way too big. Just plain nasty. Do you remember?

After! Smaller, insulated windows, new slider, new walls, paint, carpet... lovely!

Still the elusive "two weeks" away from putting it on the market.

Mango Momma


  1. Again... yikes! How impressive that you've done it all in what seems like a month or less! And what a beautiful job - such pros! Congrats!

  2. When can I move in? I always wanted a yellow house as pretty as this one has become!

  3. It's coming right along! Someone should be delighted with this house. And after the tornadoes in Springfield & Monson (hubby's ancestral home), someone should also be delighted with the bomb shelter. Call it a "storm shelter" and see how fast they flock to it!

  4. Really beautiful. Have you considered making it a Blogville Time-Share? We could each buy a week or two of close proximity to The Estate, and of course, the boys. Just a thought...

  5. If Mango Momma has recovered from her dead faint at Rottrover's suggestion, we'd like to pick up on Thor's comment about the bomb shelter. What happened with that? It actually would [if it's in habitable shape] make an excellent storm cellar and there's nothing like having just the right amenity at the right time when one is marketing a house. A storm cellar separate from the house is much preferred in Okiehoma, because you don't have to worry as much about being buried alive under the house debris.

    We're looking forward to seeing the completed kitchen and baths. But so far, so fabulous! Mama sometimes thinks 'it will be ready in 2 weeks' is the Anglo-Saxon contractor's version of 'manana', but in this case we're sure you have super reliable contractors :)

    Jed & Abby

  6. I love The Blogville Timeshare!

    Just think how khlose Khyra's FT would be to those studmuffins in Master Chew Sits -

  7. The family room looks so much more cheerful with the painted walls! The house is looking just beautiful!

  8. So much more open and cheery! Someone will be very fortunate to call it home! :D The glass touches in the kitchen will look super :)

    Waggin at ya,

  9. The living room was so dark and musty ... now it is light and airy and I like the smaller windows very well.
    Unbelievable, what has been created in the few weeks.
    I wish you many interested parties who want to buy this beautiful house

  10. The kitchen! The KITCHEN!! Now I can visualize - it all makes sense. What a lovely, light, airy and comfortable looking home that is turning into. You and the Mr. and all the tool-time-hunks have every right to being ever so proud. I agree - Corian.

  11. Wow - that was quick! I'm with you on granite counter tops; my house has 'em and I hate 'em. They are kind of pretty, but hard as a rock (heehee, but seriously...) and a pain in the ass. Of course, if I had my choice, I'd pretty much go the oily-rags-and-gasoline approach to remodeling this house... It would fit my budget, and allow me to fix some of the problems that come with a contractor who seemed to have paid off the building inspector, if ya know what I'm saying... ;-)

    -Dr. Liz

  12. Oh my! Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice!!!!! I must say, I have a corian sink in my kitchen and quite frankly I don't like it. Stains easily, most particularly coffee, especially when Mr. O spills and does not get after it while I am out of town. I would go with an "old school" porcelain sink in any future house.

  13. Wow!!! You should be very proud of your foster house! Where did you say it was? Oh if only we could move back to New England....this is just the sort of house that heart.

    Speaking of which, that Jarrod is pretty, meditating and all.

    I can't wait to see the final market pics. I hope you sell it for buckets of cash :-P

  14. Oooohhh! I second Rottrover's suggestion!!