Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 14 - Before and After

That's right! We are good to go at last! Private viewing for Realtors only today and open house tomorrow.

Even for me, looking at the finished product, it's hard to appreciate everything that went into it. As with so many things, you only see what is wrong, not what is right, but here is a partial list of what transpired;

Kitchen, bathrooms, family room totally gutted and redone with electrical, plumbing, appliances, paint, flooring, windows, the works.

Kitchen wall moved and unfinished space reclaimed.

Boiler removed from kitchen, new boiler installed in the garage.

Bedrooms all new doors, windows, paint, flooring.

Brick wall between kitchen and living room removed and replaced by stud wall with pass through.

All new kitchen cabinets made by the Mr. himself.

Exterior removal of nasty Swiss Chalet detail and replaced with decorative fan, all new paint, shingles replaced as needed.

Garage door replaced with cool French doors.

Front yard ripped up and all new landscaping.

Rear and side yards cleaned up, mulch and gravel added, fencing removed.

I'm sure I forgot many things, but that's all the big stuff.

Are you ready for the tour? Let's start with the outside...

First we had to remove the snow! Hehehe.

The bedrooms are kind of boring to look at, but they are all neat and clean with new paint, doors, carpet, and windows.

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Master bedroom (sorry, no before)

Half bath before...

And after. Don't be fooled that the before looks OK, the half bath was totally gutted and repainted, floored, new appliances, the works.

No full bath before, but here is a nice during.

Hope they put the lid down before they show the house.

Living room / front door area before.

And after

Some living room during. Oh dear.

Fireplace end of living room after.

Here is almost the same shot of the kitchen before, during, and after. Woo hoo!

This somewhat indescribable unfinished space that was formally part of the garage is unrecognizable. The kitchen wall was moved back to make a fourth bedroom / home office and that added a hallway where the washer / dryer go and perhaps a little dining nook.

Note that this shot is actually taken from exactly the same place before and after. Wow!

Fireplace end of family room before, during and after.

And finally the other end of the family room before and after.

We never did get to dig up the fallout shelter. That will be left as an exercise for the proud new owners.

One lesson I learned is to be more systematic with my photos. Next time I will try and take exactly the same photos before, during, and after. Maybe I'll even buy a wide angle lens with that bag of cash we should be getting soon.

Mango Momma


  1. Good luck with the open house! Everything looks fabulous - and we KNOW the construction was well done!! Fingers and paws crossed for a speedy sale!

  2. Next time? NEXT TIME? After all that hard work taking photos, you are considering a next time? Hehehe. The house is something to be proud of. I wish you good luck and hope it sells asap. Well done everyone. Thanks for taking us on the ride. Maybe with that bag of cash, you could come visit Oz! No worries, love Carol.

  3. Awww. I was really hoping to see the bomb shelter... ;-) Nice work, kiddos! Hopefully it'll move quick - it's a nice little house now!

  4. It looks fabulous! We hope it moves quickly!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. We'll throw in a bag of Khyra Floof for the new owner!

    Paws and fingers khrossed ;-)

  6. Incredible transformation! Uh, can you come to my house? Mom would fur sure cook for the crew :D

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Great job everybody! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Wow, that is just amazing - you are right, we need the Master and crew to come to OP to fix us up.

    Good luck with the sale - hope it moves quickly.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. You can be proud of you!
    The new owner will be happy.
    Good luck with the open day and later in the sale of the house.

  10. After the Master and crew is done with the OP house please send them over to the Maltie Manor is you would please.

    Such a wonderful wonderful job! I cannot hardly believe the transformation! It is truely incredible.

    Hope that the house sell fast for lots of $$$$$$$$

    woos, Tessa and Blu too

  11. That is amazing. Let us know when the master is ready to take on the rest of the world. Muzzer has a honey do list about six pages long.


    Gussie n teka

  12. What a great job! Love all the befores & afters! & thanks for sharing the project with us!

  13. Fantastic! What a transformation. The new owners will be very lucky. Ann

  14. We are especially impressed with the new flooring and the gorgeous custom cabinetry! The house is so much lighter and airier than it was. Great job! Hope you need an armored car to carry all the bags of cash you're going to get when you sell it. Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  15. Absolutely amazing!!!
    Looks like an edition of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!
    Hope you get mucho moolah!!!

  16. Gosh a huge amount of work has gone into making the house a really lovely place to live in. Fantastic! We do hope somebody will fall in love with it very soon and buy it.

  17. Woot awesome!!! Good luck with the selling!!!