Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week4 - More Windows and Jackhammer

The weather has been holding up well to get the outside work completed. Sometimes I think the Mr. wishes for a rainy day as he is working every day to beat the impending winter.

This shot of the side of the house shows the new and old windows. Nasty old casement windows be gone!

The front has the gutters up and all the windows in. It turned out to be less work to just strip off the siding and replace it than to try and cut around. Wouldn't have been able to match the color anyway as 30 year old weather beaten white just isn't the same as nice new white.

Dumpster is filling up...

Remember the totally goofy window arrangement in the master bedroom?
(Don't wanna know what that big stain is on the wall... ew).

This is it with proper windows. Much better.

Out back, some good sized branches down from the last storm. They aren't going anywhere. We'll figure them out in the spring.

Highly energy inefficient gigantic stupid window on the back of the house before.

And nice new sliders after.

There was a big cement pad poured outside the front door. Another dumb thing. Made even more frustrating by the discovery that the cement had been poured over a nice brick walkway.

Cement has to go. Nasty. Only one way to do that. Aw, look at him smiling. That's because the jackhammer isn't really running at the moment. Poor old dear was looking a bit peaked when I first pulled up.

"That cement made me mad!"

Bet the neighbors are loving this! Hey! It's after 7AM. Time to wake up you lazy slugs!

Mango Momma

P.S. I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Massachusetts, you can call your local electric company for an energy audit. They came in to audit the project house last week and gave us two digital thermostats, a bunch of coupons and rebate stuff for windows and doors AND they are going to insulate the attic for about a quarter of the price it would normally cost. You can learn more about these programs by clicking here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 3 - More Window Work

I didn't get a chance to stop by the project this week, so you'll have to make due with the photos from the Mr.'s cell phone.

The window replacements are moving along. As I mentioned, when all is said and done, there will be a ton of invisible work. Lots of rotted wood to be replaced and re-framing to accommodate the larger windows. And then the potential buyers will just say, "yeah, so it has windows, big deal."

Please take note of the windows just to the right of the front door in this before photo. The guy who built thousands of these houses bought three pane casement windows by the boatload. In this style of house, the two bathrooms are adjacent, separated by a wet wall. So what he did was install the triple pane windows with wood in between them (rather than buying two windows). Ish!

With the window removed you can see the dorky configuration. Here is is partially framed with the studs of the wet wall in between.

From the inside. Ugh.

And the half bath from the inside. Do you see that? The actual hole for the window has a wall in the middle.

Ta da! Note stupid corner windows have been popped out already. He also decided that it was more expeditious to just strip the siding off the front. Too much patching and busy work and trying to match old siding to new.

We had a couple of chilly days and the Mr. reluctantly turned the heat on in the house overnight. With giant gaping holes opening every day, he's not inclined to burn oil even when there is plywood up for the night.

With the Thanksgiving holiday, it will be a short work week this week, but he is still determined to get the windows in before the end of the month.

Mango Momma

Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 2 - Front Entry Area

As more and more of the original house is removed, and windows are left open (thanks to nice weather) the smell is lessening somewhat.

The discovering of three dead mice and tons of mouse poop in the living room certainly explains some of it.

To remind you of the before, here is the front door area. Note large, energy inefficient window next to front door and another stupid window under the AC (that window is in the family room).

There was also no small amount of rot on all the sills from decades of rain pouring down the roof valley and some opportunistic ants munching on the wood.

Preparation of the front entry area required total removal of windows, door, studs (looks like the chandelier is still there).

Followed by reframing...

And there you have it! Sturdy door, reasonable window.

Similarly, the family room wall had to pop out.

Oops, almost sundown, time to close up for the day....

Next morning, reframe.

And two little windows. They look smallish, and they are. However it is presumed that the new owners will likely place a TV on that wall and these were the biggest windows that would still allow space for a reasonably sized screen.

We have a new roof and a new electrical service as well. If the weather holds, things are looking good for the exterior work to complete before it gets cold and nasty.

I will endeavor to complete my suite of before photos so that there are improved side to sides as the work progresses.

Mango Momma

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 1 - Roof and Walk Through

Here's a little walking tour through the house to give you an idea of the floor plan.

Right now, the focus is getting the windows, doors, and roof done while there is still good weather.

All the windows require reframing and the prep work is started.

The offending wall of glass in the living room is out and plywood is in (temporarily).

Antenna down from the roof. Roger that.

Jarod and two of his buddies are doing the roof. You can see the exterior of the living room where the sliders and new windows will replace the wall of glass.

Gosh, too bad I didn't come earlier in the week when it was warmer out. Maybe I should go back at noontime and check on their "progress." Hehehe.

Duh, stupid me. I was going to do a full set of before photos. Oh well. It'll keep.

Mango Momma

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 0.5 - A Few Before Photos

This house is a real stinker. By that, I mean... it STINKS! Ick. After my walk through last week I felt like I needed to wash my hands just to pet the dogs. Hopefully the Mr. will not fall ill from whatever cooties are hanging in the air. I suspect mold, maybe dead things in the attic, but what it smells like is piss. Just no getting around that.

There is going to be a lot more "invisible" work on this one. Meaning more subtle movement of heat, doorways, windows, etc. and less dramatic changing of walls and what not.

What you have here is your basic three bedroom, one and a half bath ranches. Thousands of them in our town.

A lot of addition by subtraction, starting with that icky roof thing over the front entry.

Yesterday the junk men came to clean up. What a mess. How many TV's, refridgerators, etc., lost count. Plus boxes and boxes of VCR tapes.

Here's the living room. The back wall is an ugly giant window which will be replaced by sliders. Here we have an example of the invisible work as the heat currently runs right along the outside wall and will need to be rerouted.

Kitchen. The boiler is hidden behind the little brick wall. There will be a new boiler installed in the garage (more moving about of heating pipes) and the cabinets which currently jut out will be replaced by cabinets against the wall.

Large and small bathrooms. Both baths are slated for a total gut.

One of the bedrooms. Note boxes of videos filling the closet. Also note deadbolt on bedroom door, well used I might add. Spooky.

Master bedroom. You won't notice anything about that corner window config when the house is done but the windows will be re-framed and moved away from the corner a bit to make it look less peculiar.

The shed out back can be salvaged and I am sure it will come in handy for the new owner. That project will be saved for the spring. It will likely require a new roof and some general repair.

What was once a flower bed but is now just totally overgrown. You can just see a set of weights in the near right hand corner. As I said, stuff dumped everywhere. One wonders about some of it. I mean, how do you wind up with a dumbbell in the garden?

Some of the contents exploded out onto the front lawn.

And the two junk removal dudes. They filled their truck seven times. Long day for them. I bet they slept well last night.

Oh look! Sparky #1 and Sparky #2. Don't they look happy. No doubt blinded by the dollar signs swimming before their eyes.

We have several days of nice weather ahead. Jarod starts on the roof today. Shouldn't take him long to get things all buttoned up. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the Mr. stays healthy as he was feeling a bit clogged up last night. He is focused on getting the doors and windows replaced while we still have some snow free and relatively warm days.

I will be donning my gas mask for a full before suite of photos this weekend.

Mango Momma