Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 1 - Roof and Walk Through

Here's a little walking tour through the house to give you an idea of the floor plan.

Right now, the focus is getting the windows, doors, and roof done while there is still good weather.

All the windows require reframing and the prep work is started.

The offending wall of glass in the living room is out and plywood is in (temporarily).

Antenna down from the roof. Roger that.

Jarod and two of his buddies are doing the roof. You can see the exterior of the living room where the sliders and new windows will replace the wall of glass.

Gosh, too bad I didn't come earlier in the week when it was warmer out. Maybe I should go back at noontime and check on their "progress." Hehehe.

Duh, stupid me. I was going to do a full set of before photos. Oh well. It'll keep.

Mango Momma


  1. Yikes, another foster house! This one looks [and apparently smells] like it was rode hard and put away wet. Hope you can get rid of the smell without having to rip out all the walls.

    We're looking forward to seeing all the improvements and especially the high end cabinetry we know Mango Master will create. Is the washer staying in the kitchen? Can't imagine why anyone would want to mix laundry and food prep areas, and where does the dryer go?

    Bonne chance!

    Jed & Abby

  2. The boys have their work cut out for them! We can't wait for more updates!

  3. Enjoying the progress!! PS I like the chandelier

  4. Ahh, yes - handsome Jarod at work on the roof! I think you're right about noontime visits ;)

    It looks like the crew has done quite a bit since last week. Living out in TX for the past few years I forgot about winter roof woes. Of all things on a Mass house in winter - a roof is paramount!

  5. Can' remember if I barked on here before or not, but Misery is going to add this to her blogroll, as she thinks it is an aceread.