Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 2 - Front Entry Area

As more and more of the original house is removed, and windows are left open (thanks to nice weather) the smell is lessening somewhat.

The discovering of three dead mice and tons of mouse poop in the living room certainly explains some of it.

To remind you of the before, here is the front door area. Note large, energy inefficient window next to front door and another stupid window under the AC (that window is in the family room).

There was also no small amount of rot on all the sills from decades of rain pouring down the roof valley and some opportunistic ants munching on the wood.

Preparation of the front entry area required total removal of windows, door, studs (looks like the chandelier is still there).

Followed by reframing...

And there you have it! Sturdy door, reasonable window.

Similarly, the family room wall had to pop out.

Oops, almost sundown, time to close up for the day....

Next morning, reframe.

And two little windows. They look smallish, and they are. However it is presumed that the new owners will likely place a TV on that wall and these were the biggest windows that would still allow space for a reasonably sized screen.

We have a new roof and a new electrical service as well. If the weather holds, things are looking good for the exterior work to complete before it gets cold and nasty.

I will endeavor to complete my suite of before photos so that there are improved side to sides as the work progresses.

Mango Momma


  1. You all think of everything! Even what size of windows to accommodate the all important TV! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  2. Hi All, looks like everything is going to plan. Glad the smell is easing. I just watched the video from previous post and excuse my brain freeze, but is the boiler to heat the house or for something else or is it a hot water service? We don't have boilers here (or not that I have heard of) but do have hot water services either on the outside of the house or sometimes on the roof. Anyhoo, looks like someone is going to have a great home when you are finished.

    Keep on having fun. No worries, and love Carol
    P.S. Hope I haven't asked you the same question before.

  3. Don't destroy that chandelier! The house is improving- so much work!

  4. Glad the smell was 'just' dead mice and not mold. Looks like you're having to rebuild half the house! But isn't it great to see measurable progress :)

    We assumed the boiler was for heat; surely there is a separate hot water heater? Maybe you could sell the chandelier on eBay :) In the photos, it looks salvageable.

    Jed & Abby

  5. Exciting changes, indeed! Windows are far nicer than those drafty colds sweeping in - Glad you're having nice weather so far :)