Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 5 - Blurry Photos

I'm sorry to say that I did not make it to the job site this week, so you will need to make due with photos from the Mr.'s cell phone.

First off, there is a new face on site; James the helper. He's doing a fantastic job. Just a point and shoot kind of guy, no instruction required.

The icky concrete is all up around the front entry leaving a nice pad by the front door.

More progress on the new siding...

And the wall between the garage and the family room is out and reframed. This is the view from the garage looking into the kitchen.

This is from the family room looking into the garage. That wall will need the super duper fire resistant boards. Very heavy work, so James will be a great asset for hoisting sheets of firewall.

Jerry No Crack, the plumber, started rerouting the heat yesterday in preparation for the new boiler which will be located in the garage. Thankfully, the good weather has been holding with the occasional freeze at night, but fifties during the day. The race is on to get the heat and exterior completed before winter arrives.

Mango Momma


  1. Master and crew are very fast!! Paws crossed that the weather holds.

  2. They are moving right along, aren't they! We're glad to hear that the Mister has helpers to do the heavier work load!

  3. You're gettin there! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  4. Hi All, looks like things are coming along nicely. Makes me feel tired just looking at all that work being done, and yet to be done. Of course, I'm a lazy sod so doesn't take much to make me tired. Hope your weather holds.
    No worries, Carol