Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 6 - A Little Demolition

Timmy and Tommy the loud electricians have come and gone and the rough inspection on the electrical is complete. Jerry No Crack the plumber is puttering away under cover of darkness to complete the rough plumbing.

What? I should show you photos of wires and pipes?

The first dumpster is gone and the second one is starting to fill up.

Front siding (that sounds funny) is almost completed. Just need to do the garage.

What used to be a most horrible cement slab is now up and everything is nice and neat for the new walkway. The threshold is in good shape and stays. There will just be a nice slate walkway to the driveway here with gravel filling in the rest to provide drainage around the sills of the house.

OK, so this just looks like a wall with a door in it, I'll grant that, but given that it is the wall between the garage and the house and the boiler will eventually be in the garage, that wall is made out of super duper fire resistant board. Why should you care? Because that stuff weighs a TON and putting it up was a total pain.

Inside the family room, all gutted, ceiling is down and the icky nasty closet is airing out. Oh ew, it was so gross and moldy and full of who knows what kind of organics.

The carpet is up as well which is one less stinky thing in the house. Slowly it is starting to smell better, but the Mr. is going through a lot of bleach.

Looking from the family room into the kitchen. The doorway is wider now.

Everything is out of the kitchen except the boiler which awaits finished plumbing to be moved.

Now, there have been comments about that chandelier and even our realtor wants it to stay.

No freakin way! That thing is history! Blech. Anybody who wants it is free to pick it up and take it away...

Full bath gutted and cast iron tube laboriously broken apart through skilled application of a sledge hammer.

Note more nasties on the floor. Ew!

Here's a closeup of the top of the sliders that replaced the large and energy inefficient windows in the back. Since the header there was kind of holding the house up, but the sliders were too tall to fit, putting them in was a bit tricky.

The original header can be seen with the "cut head" words. The new header is a special engineered thing called "LVL" or laminated veneer lumber. It allows for weight bearing on a smaller piece of wood. Cool.

Oh hey, there's an electrical box and some wires. Guess you got to see Timmy and Tommy's work after all.

Brrr... it's getting cold, but no snow yet.

Mango Momma


  1. There are times that I'm thinking this is what needs to be done to my house - just gut the thing... Of course, there are some structural issues (we think the building inspector was either high, or persuaded to look the other way when the house was first built), so now I'm thinking a well-placed meteorite would be REALLY handy. ;-)

    BTW, that chandelier thingy should be in the dumpster. Just saying... ;-)

    Dr. Liz (and not Fiona, who is snoozling, and not hacking so much)

  2. If those are SNOWMEN hanging from that chandelier.. I say... BURY the thingy!!

    Now about that NO CRACK plumber guy...

  3. I've done a lot of demolition but I've never slammed at a cast iron tub before. Sounds like it could be fun :-)

  4. If Maggie and Mitch think breaking a cast iron tub it fun, hey can do the next one.

  5. Lots of progress! I see the chandelier is hanging on! If I lived nearby I WOULD come and get it!

    PS Mr. Mango Momma has really nice teeth!

  6. Was this place a foreclosure? It was a hot mess before! It's improving a lot; let's hope the mouse odor finally gets out.