Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 7 - Not Much to See

As predicted, even though this house is just as much work as the previous one, there are fewer opportunities for dramatic home improvement photos. How many times can you look at another new window or more new siding?

The spaces are quite utilitarian and most of the work will be invisible once we are finished. Prospective home buyers will likely see the new windows, siding, paint, and floor coverings and be blissfully unaware (and unwilling to pay for) all of the wiring, insulation, and framing.

Such is life. This week I didn't even bother to visit the site.

No need as the new bathrooms are now in my garage.

Oh, and we got this nice fruit basket from the lumber yard (note hungry lab hoping for an apple or two or three or...).

While it hasn't snowed, it is cold and there is still siding and insulation to go in (plus the new boiler). The Mr. had hoped to get the front walkway down, but he needs some dry days above freezing for the mortar to set and it is unclear whether we will have that combination in the near future.

Mango Momma


  1. I guess you've been giving the lumber yard plenty of business!!

    Every photograph should include a hungry lab...

  2. Save one of those apple for Mitch, Dexter!

  3. It sure must be nice to have a spare bathroom laying about in the garage, but I guess there's some assembly of luck for warm, dry days ;)