Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 8 - Starting the Kitchen

Most of the action has moved into the barn and none too soon as it is brrr cold outside right now. Jimmy "Scooby Doo" the landscaper stopped by to check on things. Hey! If anybody close to our estate needs a snowplow person, let us know. Landscapers all become snow plowers to make ends meet in the winter.

So while Jerry "No Crack" does the last of the plumbing before the first inspection, the Mr. is hard at work cutting up wood and gluing it back together.

Check out the drill press on wheels.

Turns out it doesn't cost any more to build the kitchen than to buy it and this way we get exactly the cabinets we want.

The base cabinet is already coming together. Looks like maybe a coat of varnish between quarters of the Patriots game today.

Total action shot!

Of course there is no such thing as holidays or weekends right now. I'm hoping to get some of the Mr.'s time this tomorrow to repair our gutters (hehehe).

Mango Momma


  1. Well the KITCHEN is where the NOMS come from so it SHOULD be furst.

  2. Ahem. I embiggened that photo of the Mr. cutting that piece of wood, and (having just been put on the "safety committee" at work) I do not see protective eyewear....

    However, he makes gorgeous, GORGEOUS cabinetry. Considering the slap-dash stuff in my kitchen, I'd love, love, love to have a "Mango's Master" kitchen myself. However, Chicago is too far away, and Kili's Slave is perpetually broke.


  3. The kitchen is my favorite room! I can't wait to see the finished product! Do the guys get Christmas off?!

  4. We've missed several posts on the foster house, along with all the other blogs we're behind on. Lot of progress on the foster house! And we bet a knowledgeable buyer will be super grateful for all the good wiring and plumbing and insulation and stuff that we're sure the house inspector will tell them all about. We also think building the kitchen cabinets is Mango Master's favorite part of renewing these foster houses :)

    Jed & Abby