Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 13 - Spray Painting

Looks like some more branches down in the last storm.

We've decided to go with the old "addition by subtraction" and tear down the shed rather than attempt to repair it.

Behold the spray painter! Woo hoo!

The Mr. borrowed this from his son and it is like magic.

Just tape up the windows and spray! What used to take several days, now gets done in a few hours.

After all the crying about the wall colors on the last house, this one is getting plain old white on every wall. Kind of dull to my taste, but it seems to be what home buyers want.

Big improvement in the kitchen (and requisite shot of the chandelier).

Remember the family room before with that nasty dark wood?

Here it is now all cleaned up and spiffy.

Oops, looks like some overspray there.

And the front door is now.... green! Very happy.

After some back and forth over what to do about the front stoop, I suggested paint and a big welcome mat. Much easier than jackhammering the bloody thing up and doing a fresh pour.

Mango Momma

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 12 - Brrrr....

OK, so I didn't stop by the house this week. Whatever.

We did have an adventure last night when the Mr. discovered the boiler disabled by ice in the heating pipes. What the heck? Guess leaving the thermostat at 40 degrees wasn't sufficient to keep the few pipes in the attic from succumbing to the frigid temps.

No worries. The Mr,'s handy salamander was able to heat the place up to green house temperatures, melting the ice in the pipes and enabling him to turn the boiler back on. Phew.

I did find this spare part on his side table. Can't imagine what that came from.

Mango Momma

P.S. For those of you keeping score, the plaster is done, the garage door has been repaired, and prep work for painting has begun.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 10 - Insulation and Board

All the rough inspections are completed; electrical, plumbing, structural, and insulation. Plus the siding is done.

Let me know if you need some rocks...

The Mr. even put up a mail box so he can get his tax and electrical bills for the project house. Oh boy!

See the insulation? All roasty toasty.

Uh oh, no more potty spot. Well, I suppose there is always behind the shed.

Time for board and plaster! A job left to chaps with a couple fewer decades on them than the Mr. If I remember correctly, our board guys are Colin and Patrick. Any guesses where they are from?

No, my lens isn't dirty, that's dust from the board. I suppose technically the boys should be wearing masks, but, you know, the folly of youth and all.

Uh oh... "where are you going Colin?"

Looks like Patrick is in the naughty corner.

Another light bulb moment. Oh man, is that chandelier still there?

Mango Momma