Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 10 - Insulation and Board

All the rough inspections are completed; electrical, plumbing, structural, and insulation. Plus the siding is done.

Let me know if you need some rocks...

The Mr. even put up a mail box so he can get his tax and electrical bills for the project house. Oh boy!

See the insulation? All roasty toasty.

Uh oh, no more potty spot. Well, I suppose there is always behind the shed.

Time for board and plaster! A job left to chaps with a couple fewer decades on them than the Mr. If I remember correctly, our board guys are Colin and Patrick. Any guesses where they are from?

No, my lens isn't dirty, that's dust from the board. I suppose technically the boys should be wearing masks, but, you know, the folly of youth and all.

Uh oh... "where are you going Colin?"

Looks like Patrick is in the naughty corner.

Another light bulb moment. Oh man, is that chandelier still there?

Mango Momma


  1. The dog cave is in need of a chandelier I think...

  2. Wow - it's really coming along and we've had the most perfect temps this winter so far! How I wish I had a mailbox right next to my front door!

  3. The chandelier is a survivor!! The house is coming right along & looking great!!!

  4. The Chandelier that Would Not Die...
    Sounds like a great cheap trashy murder mystery.

    This house seems to have a much more unusual layout than the last one. Are these types of "ranch" houses typical for the area?

  5. Moving right along on this project! It really does look like a new house already. Go MangoDaddy Go!!
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie

  6. Nothing says "elegance" like that lovely chandelier. I think there was one of these in my parents' house built on 1970! Regardless, it's all humming along quite well!

  7. This house is one of thousands built In the late 50s/early 60s by a builder named Campinelli. The lot size and square footage of these houses were dictated by the G.I. bill's specs. for returning Vets. They boasted such new amenities as a 1/2 bath,an attached garage, Kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Built in refrigerators and ovens in avocado,pink,and harvest gold made these the house of the future.There were about ten different styles to choose from. Some uglier than others.