Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 12 - Brrrr....

OK, so I didn't stop by the house this week. Whatever.

We did have an adventure last night when the Mr. discovered the boiler disabled by ice in the heating pipes. What the heck? Guess leaving the thermostat at 40 degrees wasn't sufficient to keep the few pipes in the attic from succumbing to the frigid temps.

No worries. The Mr,'s handy salamander was able to heat the place up to green house temperatures, melting the ice in the pipes and enabling him to turn the boiler back on. Phew.

I did find this spare part on his side table. Can't imagine what that came from.

Mango Momma

P.S. For those of you keeping score, the plaster is done, the garage door has been repaired, and prep work for painting has begun.


  1. That's probably a heart valve. He has such a big heart.

  2. Thank goodness nothing was damaged! Ice is such a pain!
    That looks like an electrical fitting to us.

  3. UGH. Glad we don't have the ice thing here.

  4. You heat your house with a salamander? WTF? I thought the Master was a carpenter not a fisherman. Don't worry about the spare thingymajig. I find those all the time and just throw them out. I figure if its left behind it can't be important, right? No worries, and love, Carol

  5. Actually I just realised a salamander is not a fish but some kind of reptile thingy. Either way, how do you heat a house with one? Worries (cause now I'm all confused) and love Carol

  6. A salamander is a diesel/kerosene /heater named after the amphibian. It could sometimes be seen crawling out of a burning log in which it had made it's home. Thus the fable that salamanders caused fire.

  7. Most edifying. Took us a while to figure out how you could have water in your heating pipes, being as we live in 'forced air' country. Hope none of the pipes cracked or anything from being frozen. Sounds like your insulation between the house and the attic with the pipes is tip top - maybe too tip top? Bet the paint will dry better with the heat turned up, anyway. This is exciting; the painting is close to the last thing, isn't it, except maybe for the floors?

    Jed & Abby