Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 14 - Paint, Tile, and Outside Cleanup

This time around there are a lot fewer subcontractors on the job. That means not only that we save money, but the Mr. can work on several things at once so as not to cause too much strain on his old body from persistent work which requires bending, stooping, or working overhead.

For example, the shower stall tiling. Ouch. What a pain that is. So much tile to chop up, stepping in and out of the shower, and reaching up. No fun, but done!

In between, some work on the baseboard in the main bath.

And the little half bath. Nice corner! It's sweet touches like that which give the house a finished look even if people don't really know what they are seeing. Baseboard trim, you don't see it when it's there, but you know it's ugly when it isn't and none of these little ranch houses had any trim when they were built.

The bedrooms and bathrooms all have freshly painted ceilings now. No spray painting for that, just a traditional roller.

They don't call it a "wet saw" for nothing. What a mess. Much easier when you have a nasty unfinished space to setup in (note your weekly chandelier photo).

See the bottom panel of the garage door? Nice and new. Instead of buying a whole new door, the Mr. found a guy to just replace the bottom panel and fix the lock. Paint on the upper panels will complete the job.

James the helper returned to do some cleanup out back. Here is the former site of the shed.

And here is the shed itself. Can you say firewood?

In addition to dismantling the shed, James set to starting to remove some of the accumulated debris from the back wooded area.

To whit, not one, not two, but THREE lawnmowers (as well as dozens of discarded flower pots and other stuff). WTF?

Mango Momma


  1. I know all about the never-getting-to-the-trim issues! My bathroom upstairs has "painted on" baseboards because "someone" never got to them. You're very handy and do nice work, Mister!

  2. What a beautiful shower-surround-tile job! I wish mine looked 1/2 as pretty.

    Out here where I live (wayyyyy past 495)a wood pile like that would be an instant castle for skunks.