Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 21 - Looking for the Leak and Other Stuff

Oh it was a sad day indeed when Gerry No Crack pressurized the heating system and discovered that there was a leak.

Optimistically, an entry way was made for him into the eaves from the garage.

Open eaves, insert plumber.

And there he goes....

Sad to say, when I went to visit today, there was still no joy as despite a bypass in the attic, the system was still not holding pressure. Bad news indeed as the most likely cause is the reckless nailing up of the blue board which quite possibly resulted in a punctured heating pipe.

We're hoping that Gerry can figure out something that doesn't involve ripping out the walls.

The granite counter tops arrived on Tuesday. A bit of plaster dust right now... but you get the idea.

The old boiler is finally out of the kitchen which made way for the tile to go down.

Shower doors on. Check.

And the doors for the stackable laundry with a little vent up top to keep things from heating up in there.

It seems that Jimmy "Scooby Doo" the landscaper has been recruited to do indoor work. To whit, we see Cinderfella getting the grout clean on the kitchen tile.

Oh look! Live action shot. The Mr. pontificating about who knows what, Jimmy Scooby Doo listening with rapt attention and Gerry No Crack continuing to fret over that pesky leak in the heating system.

Loyal readers will be relieved to know that I located the chandelier. It is in the attic of our barn! Woo hoo! Now all we need is electricity up there.

Mango Momma

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 20 - Heat, Curb Appeal, and ACTION VIDEO!

The custom made shutters are up and the garage door is painted. What a boost in curb appeal!
Well, and also new windows, new roof, removal of overhang, new front walk and new siding.



The concrete pour came out just fine for the new front walkway.

Inside, I discovered Gerry No Crack with his head up in the attic.

So I stuck my head up there as well. Having this relatively open space to work with makes running heat somewhat easier.

The Mr. built a little fireproof house for the new boiler. Not quite finished with all the plumbing and wiring yet, but pretty soon.

After the success of last week's action video, I thought I would make another one. This one features not only Gerry No Crack, but also the Mr. himself doing actual carpenter stuff.

Mango Momma

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 19 - More Tile and Plumbing (and action video)

The Mr. decided to jack hammer up the remaining front stoop and go for a concrete pour. Now that the weather has warmed up, that should be no problem and the concrete truck arrives tomorrow.

Sigh, sometimes these things happen. The tile in the half bath was just not to his liking so up it all came. He had optimistically thought the floor was level enough, but the final product was just too wavy and it needs to be redone.

Speaking of tile, the foyer / dining area is done. The kitchen awaits removal of the boiler.

A nice fresh coat of paint (white again) really perked up the fireplace chimney.

While making my weekly visit to the job, I had the pleasure of running into Gerry "no crack" the plumber. I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a photo showing how he got his name.

Gerry is working on getting the new boiler installed which involves lots of soldering. Much easier (and safer) to do it outside.

Gerry was a bit dismayed at his lack of actual face time on the blog for this project. He suggested that his hurt feelings could be somewhat mollified by a live action video.

I was happy to oblige. Watch it here or below.

Mango Momma

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 18 - Kitchen and Plumbing

Well, I skipped visiting the job last week and after being gone for two weeks, there are lots of big changes.

The kitchen is starting to come together, but not without careful planning.

Of course the Mr. made all the cabinets himself. They are adorable.

Never take anything for granted. If you build a drawer for the right, make sure it goes in the right slot.

Here's a reminder of the "before" kitchen.

Now you get more of a feel for the flow of the kitchen. The dishwasher and range go to the left of the sink (which is under the window). To the right is a space for the fridge.

Then the little cupboard for stackable washer and dryer. If the buyer is determined to use a standard washer / dryer, they can always pop a vent in the family room closet for a dryer.

A nice little sideboard and cabinet stand alone along the family room wall. By pivoting that cabinet 90 degrees from the old one, we've gained a lot more floor space and a contiguous feel between the entry / dining area and the kitchen proper.

Bedroom doors are ready to hang.

The original metal door frames had the hinges pretty much welded into place, so the new doors will need to be drilled to fit on the existing (opted out of reframing the doorways this time around).

Jerry "no crack" the plumber has been busy. All major appliances installed in the full bath.

And the sink in the half bath. I personally abhor the look of bathroom sinks with base cabinets. Pedestals are much tidier.

This is where the back door used to be. No more!

Grrr... grrr... see those paint brushes? That's over $50 worth of paint brushes which somebody who is NOT the Mr. did not clean and now they are pretty much useless. Amazing how cavalier folks can be about tools when they don't have to pay for them.

Not the most elegant, but certainly functional plumbing for the kitchen sink.

And the heat pipes snaking into the living room.

Behold the new boiler! Turns out the side vent kind is the same price as the standard version and you don't have to build an ugly metal chimney for ventilation.

Jerry is optimistic that the big switch from the old boiler to the new can happen in one day. I hope so. Otherwise it is going to get mighty cold in there.

Mango Momma

P.S. Looked everywhere, but.... where is the chandelier? Uh oh.