Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 19 - More Tile and Plumbing (and action video)

The Mr. decided to jack hammer up the remaining front stoop and go for a concrete pour. Now that the weather has warmed up, that should be no problem and the concrete truck arrives tomorrow.

Sigh, sometimes these things happen. The tile in the half bath was just not to his liking so up it all came. He had optimistically thought the floor was level enough, but the final product was just too wavy and it needs to be redone.

Speaking of tile, the foyer / dining area is done. The kitchen awaits removal of the boiler.

A nice fresh coat of paint (white again) really perked up the fireplace chimney.

While making my weekly visit to the job, I had the pleasure of running into Gerry "no crack" the plumber. I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a photo showing how he got his name.

Gerry is working on getting the new boiler installed which involves lots of soldering. Much easier (and safer) to do it outside.

Gerry was a bit dismayed at his lack of actual face time on the blog for this project. He suggested that his hurt feelings could be somewhat mollified by a live action video.

I was happy to oblige. Watch it here or below.

Mango Momma


  1. We were fascinated! Would Jerry feel that Scotland was too far......?
    Your house renovation is coming along well, we have recently started doing one ourselves and in need of inspiration.

  2. OMD Mango Momma!! No wonder you had heart palpitations!! It was Jerry "no crack" and his hot soldiering iron!!

  3. I love the white fireplace - so spanking clean and tidy!
    We enjoyed Jerry's video. We knew exactly what he was doing!

  4. It was fascinating, Jerry, butt (!) where were your safety goggles!

    House is coming right along!

  5. Gerry "No Crack" looks quite different in motion than he does peeking out from between studs and conduit. No lead solder - good work, Man!

  6. What a lot of progress you've made! Pity about having to redo the 1/2-bath floor; bet it's perfectly level this time. Lovely kitchen cabinets, too. It's such a pleasure to see Mango Master's finished carpentry work. Hope you have armed guards on the house, it there's much copper in it. Thieves down here are ripping off gutters and AC fittings in broad daylight to steal copper. Maybe Mango Master needs to number the paintbrushes and check them out every day - or assign the same brushes to the same users for the entire job - so the careless yobbo can have the replacement cost taken out of his pay.

    Jed & Abby