Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 22 - Oh so close (with video)

Well, if the Mr.'s back holds out, we should be done in a week. All that remains is the living room floor and the punch list.

Outside, Jimmy Scooby Doo and his boys are perking up the grounds with some mulch.

The nasty stuff got all cleared out in back thanks to a day with the back hoe.

See? No more tires.

Fear not. They were properly disposed of.

Oooo, nice job, Jimmy. The yard looks happier already.

Inside the carpets are all in. Once again, we went for boring. Sigh.

And the little half bath finally got a floor that the Mr. liked so it is all good to go.

The kitchen appliances arrived and are installed.

Gerry No Crack had to do some plumber thing in the washer / dryer cabinet. Not sure what he is doing with a screw gun... watch out!

I made another super action movie! You'll hear me ask Spawn of Jimmy about my rhododendrons. For those of you who forget, the Mr. bought about 87 beauties for the last house and even though I begged Jimmy and the boys to leave some behind, they took them all away. Boo hoo.

Why is the Mr. grinning like a fool? Well, it turns out we might have a buyer already! Woot woot!

Mango Momma


  1. That would be awesome to have a buyer before the house is 100% done! Good luck.


  2. WOO-HOO! We're grinning, too - just not like fools!

  3. Fingers and paws are crossed that you have a buyer! The house is looking great and so is the yard!

  4. That's pretty wonderful - the having a buyer maybe already! I am assuming that since Gerry No Crack is working banker's hours, that he found the leak?

    The house looks really nice - and the yard is SO much more like a yard and not at all like a junkyard!

    D'ya think you could slip Spawn of Jimmy maybe a 20 or something and get him to get you your very own rhoddie?

  5. Make sure you charge extra if they want the fancy chandelier. Congrats on the possible sale!!! Hooray!!

  6. Looking right spiffy there Mango Momma! :D A buyer? Already? Wahoo for sure! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  7. What great news all around! The leak was found and repaired, the kitchen looks magnificent, the house is almost done and you have a potential buyer. Hoorah!

    Jed & Abby