Sunday, July 15, 2012

Before and After

Goodness. Such a long time since my last post, but here we are, just two days away from closing and time for before and after photos.

Shockingly, my memory failed me as I was certain that I had taken a robust suite of "before" shots. Unfortunately, by the time  I had the opportunity to take pictures, work was under way, but I think you will get the gist of it.

Here we go!

Curb appeal. You know it!


This is actually the back of the house, but it gives some idea of the disarray of the landscaping.

As opposed to "after." The flower beds have hundreds of beautiful lilies. They will need to be thinned out a bit, but they really perk the place up.

Back view before and after. Most notable are the stupid gigantic windows which were replaced by energy efficient sliders.

As you can see, by the time I ventured in for my first photo shoot the oven had already been sprung and tools strewn about. Can't say it made the kitchen look much worse. Ew, nasty.

Can this possibly be the same room? All custom made cabinets, new appliances, floor, and a fancy pants faucet.

Hmmm... can't find a good before of the front entry, but this is the finished entry. All opened up to the kitchen. Plenty of room for a nice dining room table.

Another "oh wow" space. This is the old family room. An absurd window and vintage 1960's wood panelling.

Same view. For real. Pop that wide screen TV right in.

In the back of the family room, there was a closet.

And there still is, but now it is all clean with custom doors.

The living room during initial demolition.

The living room now.

The wood flooring extends down the new hallway.

Another original 1950's style room. Before...

And after...

The bedrooms were all a mess. The original casement windows had to go. Not energy efficient and just worn out.

I love the view from the rear bedroom window. 

Every closet received new doors.

The master bedroom. Notable for the absurd corner window configuration and the suspicious stain on the wall.

Same corner, much improved.

Little half bath.

Still small, but at least now I don't have to wash my hands BEFORE going in. Sorry about the green tint. Must be something up with my camera. The bathroom is the requisite white, white, white, and more white. 

This shows you how confused I am. I thought this was the garage before, but upon close inspection it is the rear of the family room. Just goes to show you the extent of the construction.

But here at last is the garage with a nice little cubby for the new furnace.

So, let's do a quick inventory, shall we?

  • new roof
  • all new windows
  • new furnace
  • new electrical service
  • miscellaneous re-routing of hot water heating pipes
  • furnace relocated from kitchen to garage
  • landscaping
  • tear down rotting shed and fence in yard
  • all carpet and tile ripped up and replaced
  • kitchen totally gutted and re-done
  • bathrooms totally gutted and re-done
  • miscellaneous framing for windows, doorways, etc
  • all ceilings and walls painted
  • all new flooring
  • new doors everywhere
I think that about covers it. 

We are taking a little breather between projects. Believe it or not, there are some things that need to be done around our own house. Anybody know a good carpenter? Hehehe. 

And next time, I super duper promise to be more methodical about the before photos.

Mango Momma


  1. I zoned in on that kitchen sink facet even before I had scrolled to the narrative.

    WOW what a BRIGHT CLEAN look... and you have a CLOSING... CONGRATULATIONS... JOB WELL DONE.

  2. It looks 10 times more spacious and clean as a whistle! It's just beautiful!
    Master and the boys did one heck of a job!

  3. What a fantastic transformation. I hope the new owners appreciate the incredible job you all did. I especially love the custom kitchen cabinets. Would the Master want to come to Rochester, NY and make us some new kitchen cabinets? He does beautiful work!


  4. Beautiful! I agree - like that view out to the backyard and the beautiful lillies. Too bad you had to et rid of the tires, though. They were so attractive...

  5. The final appearance of the Chandelier that Would Not Die... *sigh*
    I would love, love, love a kitchen like that. Your crew has done another amazing job!

  6. It is really hard to pick what looks the best! Suffice to say we are green with envy over here in Scotland! The Curb appeal pic is brilliant, just shows you the difference! Ann Maurice would be proud. Loved the kitchen - night and day! The sliding windows make such a difference too.
    Love the smart wooden flooring and new doors too. Perhaps because we are in the midst of it all we can so appreciate the work that went into making these brilliant 'after' pics.
    Well done and if you fancy flying over to Scotland we could keep you busy.

  7. Howdy All, all I can say is Wowza! What a fabulous finish. It really is hard to believe it's the same house. The new family will be proud to own it for sure. So, is it Tuesday night I will have to crack open the champagne to celebrate your sale? Of course, I wouldn't usually drink on a weeknight (well not unless I have a darn good reason, hehe) but will make an exception for your celebration! Well done Master and your team. Enjoy your success. No worries, and love, Carol

  8. What a great transformation! I think you all are heading for fame soon with your tremendous renovations. Where have you been all my life!?!? Ann TBL

  9. Goodness me, what a transformation! Er, I have a couple of rotten decking boards... couldn't tempt you down to Australia could I?!

  10. Now that's a complete "turn-key" package - lovely house AND grounds. The landscaping is gorgeous and what a pleasure it will be for the new owners to have nothing to do but move in their furniture and enjoy their new estate, indoors and out. Can't wait to see the next project house! [After the Master fixes up the Mango estate, of course :) ] We'll raise a virtual glass of champagne to you - well, mama will. We'll gnaw on a bone in celebration of the closing.

    Jed & Abby

  11. Well, that didn't read right. The Mango estate looks terrific and we're sure there are only a few very minor repairs - and an unfinished basement - to address.

    Jed & Abby

  12. Wow!!!! Can you come to Nebraska and work on our house?? :-)

  13. Good Lord, that is amazing. I cannot imagine doing all that work. Congratulations on the incredible finished product. Wow, there are just no words that describe it for me.

    Thanks for sharing


  14. What a fantastic job. And the kitchen is totally transformed! Congratulations, most excellent!!!