Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here We Go Again

Our offer on the next house was accepted, now on to the P&S. 

Closing is scheduled for the end of September which gives the Mr. time to button up things at our house.

Yes, another ranch. Nice corner lot of almost half an acre. Great neighborhood.

Notice there is no garage. Our realtor says the house will be easier to sell with a garage, but that proposition is more complicated than one might imagine. The main challenge (and cost) is the roof line. So we have decided to do everything except the front of the house first and leave the garage as a decision at the end when we see how much we have spent.
 A couple of debates already. Realtor and the Mr. think the front door should go. I find it charming.

There is also debate about the cast iron bathtub. Getting rid of it will be a total pain, but, sadly, it is pink. Now I think that we can work around a pink bathtub, but our realtor is adamant that it will sour potential buyers. Thoughts?

Mango Momma


  1. Thoughts on the pink must go or you have to have it painted. We had a pink tub and had it painted a few years ago when we were tired of decorating around it.


  2. I agree about the "Painting" of the tub... But better get a professional to do it... did you know that the double trouble word verification thing is on this?

  3. Love the "new" house! I would ADORE a pink tub (but then again I have purple streaks in my hair..) and I agree with the realtor and the Mr. that front door is an eyesore.

  4. also... you may recall I loved the chandelier in your last house.

  5. We had a bathtub sprayed and it came out beautiful! This tub was in the first house we purchased in Northford so I have no idea how it held up but it looked fabulous when we sold that house.

  6. I would say lose the tub, keep the door - but then, I'm not a realtor.

  7. I don't know if I would worry so much about the tub as that front room. Fraid that the door would probably have to go as well as the carpet - how about hardwood floor. Different lamp too or would it sell without furniture? Just some ramblings.