Saturday, September 29, 2012

House 3 Week 1 - with bonus video

And we are underway! Yes, another three bedroom, one and a half bath ranch house.

The lot is fantastic. A full half acre, corner lot with mature trees and a gently sloping hill up the back.

This is the view of the house from the furthest corner in the back yard. So peaceful. And the neighborhood is very quiet.

I arrived for my first round of photos just 5 days after closing, but things are happening already. There has been some activity on that nasty Swiss Chalet arch. We'll be keeping that, but cleaning it up a bit and replacing the brick supports with knees out from the roof line.

The interior isn't as beat up as on the previous two houses, but it is very tired. The main living area is covered in green carpet. I have no doubt it was very stylish at the time. As you can see, new doors have already arrived and await installation.

The dining room sports another chandelier for our collection.

These houses all had the oven in a tower that separated the kitchen from the dining room. Maybe there wasn't any such thing as below the stove ovens back then? Who knows, but as usual, the entire thing is coming down.

Kitchen has already had some activity. Note the accordion door to the family room. Oh and there is that oven in the kitchen tower that I mentioned.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the sixties, but I personally like the traditional pink (or avocado or yellow) bathrooms. But it isn't considered very attractive in general, so this is getting a full makeover.

Right now, it's a race against time to get all the outside work buttoned up before the winter. So no surprise that Jimmy and the boys were chopping down all the bushes around the front of the house. This, my friends, is what happens to those cute little rhododendrons and arborvitae that are so common after about 50 years.... trees.

Jake is ready for something.... not sure quite what.

Even a chain hooked up to Jimmy's pick up was insufficient to yank those buggers out of the ground, so he set to with the chain saw to at least trim the stumps down to ground level.

Nice to see a man who loves his work.

Mango Momma


  1. The dining room wallpaper and carpet look very similar to my room in my parents' house in the 60's. We also had a pink bathroom! So glad Jimmy has found his calling!

  2. BaaaaWaaaah Jake looks like a WOOKIE... you know like Chewy from the Movie!!

    OH my, this house REALLY has potential. Love the Yard.

  3. Khyra sees some very promising trees!

    I see to recall THAT pink in my childhood rowhouseas well as my cousins' house!

  4. Oh I wish I was back there - there would be MANY changes between the bathroom and the kitchen. And that backyard is beautiful - love the shade. When I moved in here during the early winter of 2001 it had 3 or 4 big evergreen type bushes along the front of the house - had even started growing above the front window - they were decorated with netting lights for 2001 Christmas. By Christmas of 2002, they were long gone. Have you ever tried removing ALL of the root system of large evergreen bushes - they went EVERYWHERE! If you ever want to work on a house in NE Kansas - you are more than welcome here - this place could use a few things done before I sell it but due to finances and time limits, only gonna be able to do what is absolutely needed to sell - otherwise, so many possibilities.

  5. This will be a fun place to see the befores and afters! Mom could live with the pink bathroom but dad would get rid of that in a hurry too!

  6. I rented a backhoe for the bushes at the last house, but Jim and the boys were cheaper. I'm learning that profit is better than perfection.

  7. Love the size of the yard. Looking forward to seeing the improvements on this one. :)


  8. The yard is very nice but I am with you on the pink bathroom. Sadly not many others care for the retro feel of pink, yellow, or avocado tiles in the bathrooms.Looks like fun on the remodels.

  9. Another 10 years or so and those pink/green/yellow bathrooms are going to be treasured antiques, like Edwardian bathrooms with clawfooted tubs and uptop toilet tanks are today. Of course, the days of colored toilet paper are probably gone forever.

    This looks like a most promising house with lovely grounds. Did you decide to restore the garage or rip out the ratty driveway? Actually, guess the ratty driveway would have to be redone if it is not removed. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

    Here's an idea: start a chandelier corner in the Master's workshop. Sort of a 'souvenir' from every rescued foster house. The workshop will be looking like a Home Depot lighting department before you know it.

    Jed & Abby

  10. We did not have the "fixtures", but we did have lovely Aqua colored tile in the bath of my childhood home. That lot is huge! I love it already.

    My mom had one of those Oven-in-a-cupboard ovens put in when they bought their stovetop thing back in the 70's. She had 2 ovens in it, one on top of the other, and said it was great because she didn't put her back out lifting turkeys and stuff out of the under-stove ovens. She stored pots and pans in the cupboard under the stovetop. I suppose it is all just what one prefers.