Monday, September 3, 2012

Purchase and Sale on House #3

OK, I know this photo is a repeat, but I am waiting until we have the keys to take new pictures of the house.

The Mr. signed the P&S last week and closing is set for the end of September. 

After a lot of thought (and tour of the neighborhood to view similar homes) it has become clear that adding a garage is too much of a financial risk. The most practical way to do it would be to restore the original garage (which is now partially a family room) and build a new family room off the back.

To pop a garage out the front (the original plan) would entail a total makeover on the roof as the existing Swiss Chalet feature has a ridge that is not centered properly. 

Our realtor will no doubt pitch a fit as it appears garages are now back in vogue, but I guess she will just have to work all that much harder to sell the property once it is all spiffed up.

See you in a few weeks.

Mango Momma


  1. This will be a fun project to watch it come along. It sounds like quite the challenge!

  2. Howdy All, good luck with the new venture. Looks like a beautiful place to live. Lots of trees etc. Looks like it could be down the road from us! No worries, and love, Carol