Sunday, October 7, 2012

House 3, Week 2

Unfortunately, it has become clear that we'll need to put on a new roof after all. During renovation of the Swiss Chalet the shingles were crumbling and the recent rain storms revealed several places where the house is taking on water. Oh well.

Once again, the living room has been converted into construction central. 

Gerry No Crack stopped by to discuss plumbing plans. The wall between the kitchen and family room is out to the studs. The doorway will be widened to provide a more open feel. 

Did I mention that the original house had a garage instead of a family room? With the wall out between the existing family room and what was converted into a utility area, you can see it better.

Too expensive to have both a family room and a new garage so we're hoping that sticking with the current layout works for potential buyers.

The Mr. is going to reclaim three feet for the family room by pushing the wall out into the utility area.

Looking in to the family room from the utility area. Wood paneling and an odd ceiling. That will all be covered with nice fresh board and plaster.

The new electrical service is in along with the smoke detectors.

The kitchen is looking very sad. 

Once again we find the boiler in the kitchen. That's just the way they built these houses. This boiler is not original, but still too old to keep, so it'll be demolished (and the new boiler situated in the utility area).

I finally looked up in the large bathroom and spotted what is to my eye a charming light fixture. I totally put dibs on that for the Mr. to carefully take down and bring to our estate.

Until next week...

Mango Momma


  1. We know that it won't be long before things are looking a whole heck of a lot better than they do now! We like the bathroom light fixture too!

  2. You guys are running like a well-oiled machine! Looks like quite a lot of progress has been made already. And the new roof will be a huge selling point. Looking forward to seeing what kind of cabinets Mango Master will build for this kitchen.

  3. Howdy All, as usual it looks daunting to me but then again I probably couldn't hammer in a nail straight hehe. Always look forward to seeing the end result. Hope whoever it was that lost their trousers in the barrel isn't running around outside! No worries, and love, Carol