Saturday, October 20, 2012

House 3, Week 4

Yeah, I missed week 3. Whatever.

Reconstruction of the annoying Swiss Chalet feature is completed and I have before and after photos.

Note in the before photo the unsightly brick structures at either end supporting it and how the line of the false roof causes a discontinuity in the whole roof line.

After, brick supports have been replaced by knees and the roof now merges smoothly with the rest of the front. Big improvement (and a total pain to do, I am told).

During the recent rain days, the new wall in the family room was framed up. You might remember that we're adding about three feet to the family room which will make quite a difference.

Too bad the floor in the half bath is poopy brown, because it is in great shape. Fairly new. But it is coming up.

Outside, I spotted the Mr. giving Helper Bob a lesson in proper saw use. Look at the corner of the roof. Ugh, yes, the shingles are crumbling.

This move is for professionals only. It's the old "hold the saw upside down and cut down along a straight edge in the direction of your supporting hand" move. 

Hopefully the roofers will start on Tuesday. That is assuming they actually produce proof of workman's compensation. If not, well, there are plenty of roofers around.

Mango Momma


  1. The new roofline is fangtastic, as Frankie Furter would say. What a big improvement! Very fancy saw-handling!!

  2. Watch those fingers, Master! The new roofline looks so much better! We like it!

  3. OH what a CHANGE in the look of the front... Really opens it up.
    hehehe Show the PROOF... if you want to ROOF. BaaaaaWaaaaaaaaah. THAT was a fun pun.

  4. Aghhh... hope Mango Master has really good insurance. And balance & reflexes. Mama had a good friend whose husband actually cut off his own hand with similar saw hi jinks. The new roof line is such an improvement; makes one wonder what they were thinking to do it the old way.

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