Sunday, November 4, 2012

House 3 Week 6

After 52 hours without power, I received a nice call from NStar informing me that my recent disruption of service was due to "inclement weather." Ya think?

Yup, Frankenstorm came to call and while neither of our houses suffered any damage, we did lose power for a few days which shut the job down.

But on Thursday, the driveway guys arrived and now we have a nice new driveway and walkway.

I had a query about the house color. The truth is that it is showing up as different colors under different lighting conditions. The siding is aluminum and it is all coming off.

In fact Helper Bob is hard at work stripping the siding off the side of the house.

That is, of course, when he isn't yapping on the phone. Uh oh.

Might have to dock his pay...

Weather permitting, there should be big changes in the exterior by the next post. The curb appeal of this house is going to be awesome.


  1. At least you didn't find Helper Bob sleeping underneath the hedges like I found Helper Molly!
    Mom wishes we had a paved driveway. It would make snow removal so much easier!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Good thing your house did not sustain any damage. How about your roof shingles? Did you check if there were any loose or missing ones? Anyway, I will be waiting for your post about your exterior. I’m curious how it will look like. :)

    Sierra Nordgren

  3. Not surprised to hear you lost power, but surely your fantastic new generator kept the personal estate lit and toasty? Hope any snow you're getting with this latest nor'easter doesn't slow you down too much with the exterior work. Good thing you'd just had the roof done so the foster house stayed dry.

    Our gas hot water heater broke today, spewing water all over the laundry room ceiling, walls, floor and leaking under the wall into the kitchen. Sigh. Amazing how they can build these things to blow up 4 months after the warranty expires.