Sunday, November 11, 2012

House 3 Week 7 - Oil Spill

Ho hum, a photo of the oil tank, so what?

Not so fast.

Notice how shiny and pretty that oil tank is? That's because it is brand spanking new. Why? Let me tell you.

The Mr. was merrily working on the area above the oil tank when.... whoops! Dropped a piece of wood on the line leading out of the tank and.... SMASH!

Oil line snaps off. 275 gallon oil tank starts emptying its contents on the floor. Uh oh.

So, after spending a few moments doing this...

He called the fire department (meanwhile shoveling dirt against the foundation to try and create a dam).
Fire department arrives and puts down a truckload of magic oil soak up stuff (photos are a bit blurry as they were taken with the Mr.'s prehistoric phone).

Next, call the oil company.
Oil company comes and pumps out the tank, followed by turning it on its side and moving it out of the way.

At some point, the EPA shows up to see if we have now created a toxic waste site. 

Then, NStar arrives because (how could he have forgotten) it was the day of the energy audit.

I just hope we get that many people for the open house. 

Call to insurance company, followed by Clean Harbors.

EPA declares the spill to have been contained. Phew.

Clean Harbors shows up and applies more soak up oil stuff along with scrubbing bubbles.

Next day, new oil tank arrives, and is installed by the mysteriously named "Froggie" whom I have yet to meet, but is apparently our oil burner mechanic of choice.

Saturday, oil company comes to put back the oil they pumped out.

End of story

So, let's see, last week three days lost due to Hurricane. This week one day lost due to Nor'easter. Two days lost due to oil spill.... uh oh.

By now, the goal was to have those seven day work weeks over, but it's all about catching up with getting the exterior ship shape for the winter.

My weekly trip to the job site found the Mr. continuing the painstaking process of putting the soffits up.

Poor dear. So many trips up and down the ladder and each piece has to be cut and placed just so. You don't think this house is anything like square and plumb, do you?

Helper Bob, the weekend warrior was out back. 


I offered to pop a $20 in his pants for his excellent performance, but he was having none of it.

The site of destruction looks all spiffy. The only indication that anything happened is a lingering fuel oil smell. The Safe Harbors people assured us that it would dissipate well before we put the house on the market, but in the meantime, doors and windows open whenever possible to create fresh, oil stink soaking up breezes.

No word from the insurance company yet, but I'm not going to count on much relief there. At best, I suspect, they'll pick up the cost of Safe Harbors (after our $1000 deductible). Ca ching, ca ching.

I am hoping that the coming week is mind numbingly dull, with sunny days, warmer temps, and nothing more exciting than stepping back to admire a completed front wall.


  1. Eeek the mister must have been panicking. Glad to hear that everything is getting back on track.

  2. Hoping the Mister did not get too much oil on his overalls doing that woop, woop, woop floor show!! Things are sure lookin' good, though!

  3. OMG, I'm sure the Mister could have done without that exciting event! Let's hope the rest of the project goes along smoothly!

  4. ive never lived anywhere near the Northeast, cant help but wonder what an oil tank in a home is even used for?

  5. Yikes! Time for an 'oil spill up-grade' premium on the final sale price of the foster house. After all, the buyers will be getting a brand new, good for 20 or 30 years oil tank so they won't have to worry about replacing it - probably for their lifetimes. That's a $5000 or $6000 upgrade for sure. Hope Master & the Helper can get the exterior weather tight before the next nor'easter swings by -- we're expecting rain from it, starting Sunday or Monday.

  6. You mean with all those other people that had to check out the oil spill - FEMA didn't show? But then their involvement in anything is sometimes questionable at best.

    At least it is over now - it happened and now it is fixed up - case closed and on with whatever else is needed. I admire you all for even tackling projects like these. I can't wait to see it when you are finished.