Sunday, November 18, 2012

House 3 Week 8 - Perking up the Front

We're starting to get the "WOW" factor going with the new siding and first coat of paint on the doors. 

Helper Bob's on his own today as the Mr. is taking a much needed day off. Since Helper Bob only works weekends, he's got plenty of energy to keep things going.

Cozy house wrap all set on the other end of the front. 

And bits and pieces of the interior are finding their way into the dumpster. Always a little sad to see personal remnants of a home (like the little decorative thing attached to the former closet doors here). 

But I've seen enough full dumpsters that I don't dwell on it. 

The main wall in the kitchen is now free and clear and ready for plumbing and electrical. It's a busy wall which will eventually have washer / dryer hookups, dishwasher, sink / disposal, oven, microwave, and a place for the refrigerator. Lots of planning to get everything to fit.

Anybody need an oven?

Oh nasty. Look at that ceiling. The outlines are where there used to be cabinets. Hopefully James the plasterer can work his swirling ceiling magic to cover up those spots and blend them with the rest.

Note chandelier is in place, but will eventually be added to our collection. 

There remains an oil smell from the whole oil spill event last week. Since the spill itself was contained to the utility room, I hope that once the walls are closed off and the new carpets, paint, plaster all installed that the only lingering odor will be out in the utility area. Either that or we'll be burning a lot of  Yankee Candles during the open house.


  1. The outside is coming along beautifully :-)

  2. It's been 10 days since the last update. Is the exterior weather tight now? And the oil smell - abated? Thoroughly embedded in the concrete for all time? Looking forward to seeing the gorgeous custom cabinets we're sure Master is going to produce. And someday we'd love to see your Home for Aged Chandeliers featured, all lit up and shiny like a Home Depot or Lowe's or whatever you have that far north.