Sunday, December 2, 2012

House 3 Week 10

Yeah, I missed a week. Had the flu. Nasty business and still not cured, but at least I don't have a fever and am able to function.

But enough about me, how's the house?

Much improved.

The front is done and it looks stunning. Here's before and after.

New siding, doors, windows, roof, and the Swiss Chalet cap has been integrated into the front to give it a cleaner look.

Out back, the new soffits are up, along with the cozy house wrap.

I ran into Helper Bob working on the soffits on the side. Pretty smug look on Helper Bob's face, eh? That's because he was on the phone when I walked up (trying to explain to his ten year old son why they couldn't get a dog right now - boo hoo).

Whilst talking to Helper Bob about the pros and cons of one dog, two dogs, no dogs, small dogs, big dogs, etc., I heard some alarming smashing sounds coming from inside.

Helper Bob was nonplussed, but I had to go in and see.

Well, that's one way to remove a toilet.

The Mr. put up plastic between the family room and utility area to keep the heat in until the blue board is up. There was nary a whiff of oil odor which was a great relief.

The nasty brick wall between the living room and kitchen has been removed and packed into the dumpster. 

You can see that the new wall is all framed in. Just high enough to hide kitchen cabinets and provide outlets, but low enough to give the house an open feel and allow sunshine and summer breezes to be shared between the rooms.

Cutting the bricks along the chimney was painstaking. The goal was to have a smooth surface to butt the wall up against and still preserve the mantels (upper and lower).

Nice job!

The winter has been kind. Some cold days, but this week promises to be in the fifties (at least for the first half) which will keep the snow away and allow for more progress on the exterior.

Should be getting the rough electric and plumbing done this week as well. Moving right along.


  1. WOW.... I think this is coming FAST.
    I like the low wall. I see that there is a ROUND FLORESCENT light. I have THREE of those in my kitchen and LOVE THEM... they are NOT BEAUTIFUL, BUT they make GREAT LIGHT and last forever. When we moved here there were 6 recessed lights... they blew bulbs like CRAZY and put out NO real light. They may not be Designer but OH DO I LOVE the LIGHT they put out.
    Hope the weather DOES cooperate.

  2. I like that half-wall, too. They're making great progress!!

  3. The outside redo is fabulous!!!! The house inside is coming along very well!

  4. I still need to hire your crew to demolish our house and start over... ;-)

    -Dr. Liz, who tries to avoid thinking about the gazillion things that need to be done to our house.

  5. So did you talk Helper Bob into getting a dog for his son?

    The front of the house looks great! Does it have to be dry outside to finish installing the siding all around the house, or is that already done and just not showing in the photos? Find it hard to believe it is less work to smash a toilet to pieces than to just remove the whole thing, but what do we know? And does the foster house really have AstroTurf in the living area? That's what it looks like.

    Looking forward to seeing the inside progress. And yippee that the oil smell has dissipated! That's a problem solved.

  6. They're really moving right along on this project! I didn't know a toilet could break into so many pieces! Somebody had a great time with the sledge hammer!

  7. Oh my y'all have made a lot of progress! Now about that toilet smashing - Mom would have liked to borrow your sledgehammer not too long ago ;) Maybe would have said a few less HBO words BOL :)

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Sledge hammer, sledge hammer, sledge hammer,that's all I hear about demo. Reality is folks, if you use a sledge indoors you end up breaking more than you want too. The key is to know how something is made. Then unmake it. The 400LB. tub was another matter altogether.