Sunday, December 9, 2012

House 3 Week 11 - and a commentary on sledgehammers

Before I get to this week's update, a few words about sledgehammers.

Here we have a sledgehammer.

Despite what one sees on all those do it yourself shows, a sledgehammer is actually rarely used by home improvement professionals. Why? Well, mainly because it is a clumsy and dangerous tool. Swing a sledgehammer and stuff goes flying all over the place, supporting structures are vibrated from their moorings, and the demolition is impossible to control.

To paraphrase the Mr. "You need to know how something is put together to take it apart." Meaning that the brick wall was taken down, not by a sledgehammer, but by loosening the bricks and placing them neatly in a wheelbarrow. Similarly, interior walls pop right out after careful application of a sawzall.

In fact, just about the only time the old sledgehammer is used is for breaking up a cast iron tub.

So here you see where there once was a cast iron tub in the large bathroom. Now, after application of the sledgehammer, just a space, ready for a new tub and plumbing.

Lecture over. Let's see what else is going on. 

Floors are coming up in the bedrooms. 

The Sparky boys have been in to start running wire in the kitchen.

So much easier to work with open framing.

One alert reader posed a question regarding the moss growing on the living room floor. If only. Sadly, that is actual carpet. My eyes!

I found Helper Bob and the Mr. having a deep conversation regarding the installation of soffits.

Or is Helper Bob just waiting for the Mr. to wake up from his meditation?

A quick trip outside revealed more progress on the siding.

The kitchen has been all planned out and measurements and instructions written on the walls for the benefit of the Sparky boys and Gerry No Crack.

Speaking of whom, there's Gerry No Crack himself. I think he's explaining the wonders of new plumbing materials. Looks like the Mr. is taking another snooze.

So remember.


Use sparingly.


  1. My dad had HIS Sledgehammer out one time and I though to myself... Frankie.. that would be a FUN thingy to HIDE from DAD.. (I like doing that to his tools and stuffs, it is always fun to watch him wander around aimlessly muttering his SAILOR WORDS) BUTT THAT THINGY was WAY too heavy fur me. SO I can see why its use would be discouraged. PeeS... Dad STILL hasn't found the pinching thingys that I put UNDER THE DECK back in the Warm time. Just sayin.

  2. PeeS... mom says that ELVIS had carpet that color in his Graceland Pool Room.

  3. Our hoomans were trying to slug rocks out of our dirt floor with a sledge hammer! They finally gave up and used a liner's bar. It was much more controlled and got the job done right.
    Master clearly needs to get a good night's sleep. hehe

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly