Sunday, December 16, 2012

House 3, Week 12

This week the attic insulation went in, but I was too lazy to drag a ladder inside so that I could photograph it, so you'll just have to believe me. I will note that the house was noticeably warmer without all the hot air seeping out the roof.

The rough electrical inspection was completed as well. Big milestone.

Outside I found Helper Bob a bit despondent. 

The Mr. had decided that the siding on the right side of the house looked nasty, so he and Bob spent all day Saturday taking every piece of siding off and putting it back on. 

Here's Helper Bob contemplating the new and improved right side...

So that he can make sure the left side looks just as good. Almost there.

The nasty green carpet has started to come up to reveal, ick, nasty brown tile. 

Gerry No Crack is in the final push to get his plumbing work ready for the rough inspection. 

I found the way he stubbed out the kitchen quite lovely.

And here's No Crack himself busily applying the concept of the lever with one of his super sized pipe wrenches. 

Most of this work was accomplished in a small space with views primarily of Gerry's backsides which, I am happy to say, were showing no cracks at all. Phew.

To get a better view, I went around to the small bathroom and took a photo through the wall. The bathrooms share a plumbing chase - how convenient. I don't know what is going on here, but it looked quite serious and even involved a torch at one point.

Due to the plumbing activities, most of the water is shut off, so Gerry installed a temporary faucet in the small bathroom. Delightful.

Lots of fussy, invisible work going on right now, but pretty soon, things will start coming together.


  1. Glad Gerry is living up to his name - at least when the flashy is around!

  2. I think you need to show Gerry... our DAD's PICTURE... so that he knows what he is supposed to look like!! Just sayin.

  3. Looks like the necessary if not fun part of remodeling is moving along smartly. Really admire Mango Master for insisting on quality and re-doing the siding. So many these days wouldn't bother. Does the yucky brown tile have to come up, too, or can it serve as the base for the new flooring? It is reasonably smooth and adds a layer of insulation, after all.