Monday, December 24, 2012

House 3, Week 13

The new doors are hung on the bedrooms. Nice, six panel doors. The old doors were hollow core lauan which is contractor speak for ugly brown slabs of wood. The new doors make me think "cozy." They just look happy.

The Mr. has trimmed out the windows in the bedrooms. Again, think "cozy." A nicely trimmed window isn't necessarily something you will notice, but you'll notice the flat, sterile look of an untrimmed or poorly trimmed window. 

There are even little sills now (something the house didn't have on the windows before).

This is one of the front bedrooms "before." Notice the windows are just framed in with flat pieces of wood. Ugly.

This is how it looks today. The moldings have more depth and, again, a small windowsill for putting stuff on.

The new tub is in and ready for action. It will retain its protective shield until the last minute to avoid any scratches or stains.

Outside, the windows have been scraped to prepare for painting. Yet another reason why I would be a failure at home improvements. I would totally not have the patience for any sort of prep work.

Do you remember how the back of the house used to look? Tired, old siding and one big mutant out of control bush tree thing.

And today. Ugly greenery gone, new roof, new siding.

Wet paint...

Yikes! What the heck?

This is the fancy pants vent for the new furnace which will be going in the utility room. 

All of the Mr.'s project houses get new furnaces with side vents. No need to build a chimney which costs money and is not always the most attractive thing (since it would be out of metal, not $$$$ brick).

I'm thinking that an added bonus is that this one will blow hot air onto the driveway (might help with snow melt in the winter).

Everything moving along well and on schedule. Woo hoo!


  1. It's looking beautiful! Love the new doors!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Those guys work really fast. It's looking good!

  3. Making good progress! Looking forward to seeing the high caliber custom kitchen cabinets. Do envy the nice interior doors; mine are [painted] hollow core Levitt cheapies.