Sunday, October 28, 2012

House 3 Week 5

I'm including the original photo of the front again so you can see the improvements more readily.

The roofers came, stripped the roof, and put up new shingles all in one day. Nice and snug. 

The French doors are in for the utility area. I don't know what the previous owners were thinking. They converted the garage to a family room / utility area. Fine. But the only access to the utility area was through the family room. Not the best setup for lawn tractors and what not.

The new front door is in as well. 

The Mr. decided to take off the brick face that "decorated" the lower half of the front of the house. It was ugly and the wood underneath badly needed to be aired out and have some rotten parts replaced.

Oh look at the pretty roof!

We're up to dumpster #2. Not much in it so far, but it'll be full soon enough.

Helper Bob has been assigned the task of stripping wallpaper. Good luck, Bob. I personally find wallpaper removal so tedious that after just half an hour or so I could weep. 

What a pretty front door. It's temporarily nailed shut until the locks and knobs go in.

Right now, things are looking good for the exterior to be done before the winter settles in. Woo hoo!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

House 3, Week 4

Yeah, I missed week 3. Whatever.

Reconstruction of the annoying Swiss Chalet feature is completed and I have before and after photos.

Note in the before photo the unsightly brick structures at either end supporting it and how the line of the false roof causes a discontinuity in the whole roof line.

After, brick supports have been replaced by knees and the roof now merges smoothly with the rest of the front. Big improvement (and a total pain to do, I am told).

During the recent rain days, the new wall in the family room was framed up. You might remember that we're adding about three feet to the family room which will make quite a difference.

Too bad the floor in the half bath is poopy brown, because it is in great shape. Fairly new. But it is coming up.

Outside, I spotted the Mr. giving Helper Bob a lesson in proper saw use. Look at the corner of the roof. Ugh, yes, the shingles are crumbling.

This move is for professionals only. It's the old "hold the saw upside down and cut down along a straight edge in the direction of your supporting hand" move. 

Hopefully the roofers will start on Tuesday. That is assuming they actually produce proof of workman's compensation. If not, well, there are plenty of roofers around.

Mango Momma

Sunday, October 7, 2012

House 3, Week 2

Unfortunately, it has become clear that we'll need to put on a new roof after all. During renovation of the Swiss Chalet the shingles were crumbling and the recent rain storms revealed several places where the house is taking on water. Oh well.

Once again, the living room has been converted into construction central. 

Gerry No Crack stopped by to discuss plumbing plans. The wall between the kitchen and family room is out to the studs. The doorway will be widened to provide a more open feel. 

Did I mention that the original house had a garage instead of a family room? With the wall out between the existing family room and what was converted into a utility area, you can see it better.

Too expensive to have both a family room and a new garage so we're hoping that sticking with the current layout works for potential buyers.

The Mr. is going to reclaim three feet for the family room by pushing the wall out into the utility area.

Looking in to the family room from the utility area. Wood paneling and an odd ceiling. That will all be covered with nice fresh board and plaster.

The new electrical service is in along with the smoke detectors.

The kitchen is looking very sad. 

Once again we find the boiler in the kitchen. That's just the way they built these houses. This boiler is not original, but still too old to keep, so it'll be demolished (and the new boiler situated in the utility area).

I finally looked up in the large bathroom and spotted what is to my eye a charming light fixture. I totally put dibs on that for the Mr. to carefully take down and bring to our estate.

Until next week...

Mango Momma