Saturday, January 5, 2013

House 3, Week 15

Yes, yes, yes, I missed a week. Luckily, the Mr. is far more industrious than I am and has yet to miss a day of work (save Thanksgiving day) since he started fifteen weeks ago (yes, he worked both Christmas and New Year).

Each house goes through a rather impressive early life with lots of demolition and what not.

Now we find ourselves in a more pedestrian phase where the changes are not as obvious.

Big milestones, however, as the rough inspections (plumbing, electrical, and carpentry) are all completed as well as the insulation inspection (always somebody from the town with their hand out).

I found the Mr. working on the heat. The current heat is in the slab the house sits on. He's running baseboard for the new heating system.

Green carpet is completely gone from the living room leaving brown tile (which we should be able to go over with the hardwood).

The family room is all insulated and ready for board.

The back door went in right before we had our first big snow of the season. The siding is also completed on the back. The Mr. will be watching for a few warm days to paint the trim.

 Helper Bob seemed a bit despondent. Primarily because a lot of the work he's been doing isn't obvious.

So I took a photo of the living room walls which no longer have wallpaper. Thanks, Helper Bob.

The board will be going up next week, so I went around in search of places in need of board. 

Obviously the half wall between the kitchen and the living room (that monster on the left is the old furnace which will be retiring once the new heat is in).

The tub surround requires boarding up.

And I think the plan is to just go over the old bathroom wall with new board. Much more expeditious than trying to sand down the glue from where the tile used to be.

Quick trip to the utility room to gauge whether there was any lingering oil smell. I didn't detect any today.

Meanwhile, in the barn, work has been underway to make shutters for the windows. That's a lot of shutters.

This is a woodpecker eating suet at our estate. Nothing to do with the project house, but I like the photo, so there you go.


  1. Will the shutters go on the outside of the house or the inside?

  2. Outside. The shutters are purely decorative.