Sunday, January 13, 2013

House 3, Week 16

Today you are going to see a lot of nice, clean walls, so I'll add a couple of before shots to remind you of how things used to look.

The family room was finished with wood paneling (ew) with an absurd ceiling.

Both the ceiling and walls were gone right over with board and skim coat. Ne need to remove the existing finish. 

The door between the utility area and the family room is in too. 

Here's a photo of how the kitchen wet wall looked last week.

Same wall this week. Starting to look like a house again.

I'm standing in the front door here. The little half wall between the living room and the kitchen will afford more options for arranging furniture in the living room but still gives an open feeling. The kitchen is on the other side of the wall.

Same wall as viewed from the kitchen. You can also see the expanded entry into the family room on the right.

Outside, Helper Bob was taking advantage of the warmer temps to paint the trim. More white. White everywhere. People want to buy white.

That's James the Plasterer providing some supervision to Helper Bob.

Meanwhile, back at our estate, the exterior shutters have their first coat of paint. Green. Safe color. Sigh.

Helper Bob and I got to talking about dogs (again). He'd never heard about dog freestyle (dog dancing), so, Helper Bob, if you are reading this, here is the most famous dog dancing duo of all time for your enjoyment (no, not me and Mango or Dexter, but close).


  1. WOW the changes are really becoming Noticeable.

  2. Look at all those ourlets in the KITCHEN!! Heaven! Lookin' really good! Helper Bob really does need to see the video of Mango Momma and the RH dancing for Honey's contest!

  3. Everything is looking so much more fresh and clean! I'm one of the nutties that loves white!

  4. Howdy Mates, wowza, lots been done since I visited last. I like the half wall. Gives a bit of privacy for the kitchen. Putting in any chandeliers anywhere? It still boggles my little brain that you can renovate an entire house! No worries, and love, Carol.
    P.S. I have forgotten to ask, but how is the Master's eyeball these days?

  5. I like the open "feel" with the half-wall and wider entry to the family room. I myself would make the "half-wall" into a breakfast-bar type thingy with a wide top, but I am strange like that. Also, it would make a nice cat sitting-place.

    Does Helper Bob know his trash can is upside down?