Sunday, February 17, 2013

House 3, Week 21 - Tile and No Mitre Mitre

I didn't go over last week. Seriously? Over two feet of snow fell overnight Saturday night and all roads were closed until late in the day Sunday, so I let the Mr. spend the day Sunday digging out the project house while I hunkered down.

Tile time! Woo hoo!

Who doesn't love doing tile? Up and down, hands and knees, sloppy watery wet saw, and all for totally benign, inoffensive beige tile. Here seen in the small bathroom. 

Same floor in the main bathroom and the shower is all tiled. Thank goodness that's over.

The medicine cabinets were selected for the sole reason that they fit in the existing hole. Saves some work, right?

Odd little cabinets.

Three doors to open to find all your stuff.

Time to trim out the main rooms. Now, how to do the corners? Look at this. Two pieces of wood that don't butt together seamlessly. Goodness.

But who needs a mitre when you have secret skills?

Just place the two pieces together and draw a line that matches the shape of the joining piece.

Then grab a coping saw to cut along the line.

And voila! A tidy corner with no mitre required. Carpenter magic.


  1. I actually have that medicine cabinet in my bathroom and I love it!! Lookin' good, Master!

  2. The perfect corner! We love it! We also love the beige floor tile!

  3. They're called coping saws for a reason.

  4. That is a funny cabinet. Oh yeah, easy peasy, draw a line, cut along and voila! Somehow if I did that, I think my saw would be the "not coping" saw hehe. The white tiles look nice and fresh. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  5. Hey, even the landscape is white :) !! That should help sell the house. Are the kitchen cabinets at least going to be a natural wood shade, or are they also fated to be white? But it's looking good and will surely sell quickly once Master & the Gang are done.