Saturday, March 2, 2013

House 3 Week 23

The fixtures are installed in the bathrooms. Thank goodness as the Mr. and the boys had been using a chamber pot along with a handy bottle of bleach. Blech.

Keeping it simple with pedestal sinks. I personally prefer that to those under the sink cabinet constructions, especially in a small bathroom.

Nice to see Helper Bob back on the job. He's just tidying up the tiles. Looks like the doors are on the shower. Getting closer...

With the painting completed, next up is running the heat. The baseboard has been installed in the family room.

Punch list signs have started showing up in the bedrooms.

Here's the Mr. himself checking on the heating pipes. He's running the pipes himself and using flexible tubing. Much easier to handle than copper. The old heating pipes are in the floor and there they shall stay.

I took this picture of the kitchen just because it looked kind of artsy to me. You can refer back to this after the kitchen is all done.

So, we're at the point of "this room is all finished except for..." conversations which I think means about a month away from completion.

Housing market looks good right now. Let's hope it holds.


  1. LOVE the first picture... it is EASY to see that there are VERY FEW Women hanging out around there...

  2. I love the pedestal sink too! Lookin' good, guys!

  3. Yep I like the pedestal too. Excuse my ignorance but why are the heating pipes around the door and are they heating as in warmth for the house or water type heating? Oh and do they get covered up? Sorry if this sounds dumb. No worries, and love Carol.