Saturday, March 16, 2013

House 3, Week 25

There was a query on my last post regarding the heat that was being run over the storage room door. The reason for that is that the house is built on a concrete slab. Since that section was not in a living area, it was easier to run it up and over.

Here you can see the final run of the heat into the utility area and the evidence of jack hammer activity to clear a trough in the concrete.

And with that, the new heat is all hooked up to the fancy boiler.

Oooo! Look at all those lights and things. 

The kitchen cabinets are slowly making their way out of the barn and into the house. Here the sink base with nifty pullout for a trash can awaits installation.

The surround for the refrigerator is in and I happened upon the Mr. laying the supporting structures for the sink cabinet.

The house is far from plumb, so the trick is to make the cabinets level without revealing the wiggly wobbly nature of the walls and ceilings.

Helper Bob is working his way through the house painting doors white. 

The Mr. is styling his new carpenter's apron (and showing a tired smile). 

Week 25 and it's wearing on both of us. Almost there. The appliances are ordered. Once the kitchen is in, things will speed back up again.


  1. The Mister does look tired. Almost done, though!

  2. It's coming along beautifully! The Mr does look tired.

  3. Howdy. No time for smiling Master, get back to work hehe. Thanks for the info about the heating. I find it interesting because as far as I know, no-one (or no-one I have met) has boilers here in Oz. We have water heaters on the outside of the house and home heating via appliances inside the house. That's why I hate winter. We can have nice warm living/kitchen areas but the bedrooms are freezing unless you have ducted heating which some people do, but I shudder to think what the electricity costs would be!! Take care. The end is near and I can nearly hear the champagne corks popping. No worries, and love, Carol