Sunday, March 31, 2013

House 3, Week 27

Oh boy! Look what arrived this week! Cabinet claws!

These babies can push in two directions at once, thereby enabling one to make nice, neat seams on cabinet corners.

No cabinet claw action in the barn, but plenty of clamps to brace the kitchen cupboards while the glue dries.

Shiny doors. 

The Mr. is using a new technique for the door finish this time. Instead of spraying on the varnish, he's using super fine sandpaper (I think rubbing the doors with his hands would be a rougher finish) and applying thin layers of varnish with a roller. Much neater and they look great.

At the project house, some finishing exterior touches. Notice the number over the mailbox and the little globes for outside lighting. 

Since I know some of you will ask... the thing in the middle there is the vent for the furnace and underneath are the meters for the utility companies to read.

This is a special request photo from the Mr. which he calls "don't try this at home."

As a keen observer of house projects for more than two decades, I see what he did and how tricky it must have been. Of course our potential buyers will only see that there isn't some grievous flaw in the tile.

However, I know that the Mr. labored for no small amount of time to cut that tile just so and fit it around the wall of the wash area. Bravo!

Some of the cabinet carcasses are in place. The old under the sink, along with the refrigerator surround at the far end. Also note that the kitchen floor is now tiled.

Oh hey, Helper Bob, what's shakin'?

Helper Bob's been touching up stuff. Most of his touch up work is small and doesn't photograph well, but the paint job on the chimney really pops out. Nice. 

The wooden floor in the living room is almost finished. Then it's just the dining room and a shot down the hallway and the Mr. will be done with all that hands and knees work.

Kitchen sink anybody?


  1. That living room flooring is gorgeous! I think I see the finnish line there on the horizon!

  2. It's look beautiful! All of those clamps look pretty familiar to us!

  3. You're getting to my favorite part - the kitchen cabinets! Mister does such a fantastic job with those every time. The whole thing is really looking good. Can't wait to see if you snag any of the 'left over' plants from the landscaping for the Dexter Manor.

  4. All I can say is that you are all so bloomin' clever. You made me laugh with the comment about the Master's rough hands. Love the wooden flooring. Take care all. No worries, and love, Carol