Monday, April 8, 2013

House 3, Week 28

Time to tidy up the outside. Jimmy and the boys came by, along with fresh mulch.

Check out Brett. I sometimes wonder if these youngsters can navigate without an iThing plugged into their ears.

Jake and leaf blower guy. Everybody has their specialty.

But at the end of the day, the front yard is what it is. Nothing that a few nice bushes and grub control won't cure, but we're going to leave that to the buyer to figure out.

Appliances! Their arrival signals that we're in the home stretch at last.

Of course they are all stainless steel. No doubt if we keep this up long enough, in ten year's time the fashion will be back to white or (gasp) pink. For now, stainless is what sells.

Super action shot of Helper Bob! He's been putting up moldings. Nice work, Helper Bob.

This flooring creates what is called a "floating" floor. Everything is held together by tension as opposed to being nailed down. I love it. Even though the floor is over concrete, it still has some give to it.

Nice straight lines down the hall. 

The bases for the side cabinets in the kitchen.

Look at all those storage cabinets! Plus having such a long work area for food prep and whatnot is to die for.

Action shot of the monster clamps I showed you last week. See? Two directions of squeeze. Sweet.


  1. You're in the mome stretch for sure. The floors are beautiful!

  2. It's looking wonderful! Love the wood floors!

  3. Making good progress, but I still want to see those finished kitchen cabinets!

    Maybe when it's time to show the house, you can buy a couple of reasonably priced potted plants to put on either side of the front door in lieu of the shrubbery.