Sunday, April 28, 2013

House 3, Week 31

Our realtor is coming by tomorrow to take photos for the official listing.

Yes, friends, time to put the house on the market.

Here come your before and after shots (phew).

Let's start with the outside.

In front, new roof, new driveway, icky bushes removes, new siding, front door, and shutters.

And of course the nasty Swiss Chalet feature has been eradicated in favor of a nice, clean roof line.

Around back, big scary bushes are gone and the siding is all bright and new.

Let's get the more mundane rooms out of the way inside (I am definitely getting a camera with a wide angle lens for the next project).

The bedrooms all had their wallpaper removed, fresh paint added, trim around the windows, new entry and closet doors, and, of course, baseboard heat installed.

New carpet on the floors completes it.

Pink be gone! The full bath got the full treatment with all new fixtures, new tub, new tile, and a fresh coat of paint.

Even the wee little half bath is much peppier with new fixtures, paint, and tile.

Blech. The hallway of pea green carpet and nasty doors.

Is now a brightly lit happy stroll to dreamland.

The family room was already under construction in my before photo, but I think you get the idea. 

And now for the "oh wow!" Are you ready?

Living room before...

Living room after!

Kitchen before and after (I don't think any comment is required).

Everything done and dusted (including the kitchen sink).

The Mr. is just about out of steam. Hope he recovers quickly so that he can set to building our garage addition during his between house "vacation."


  1. OH MY GOSH!! There is NO WAY that anyone would recognize the Inside or Out. It is like a totally different home. Bravo to Mr. master and Crew... THIS is the most dramatic transformation of the three, and that is saying a LOT.

  2. Great kitchen sink choice!
    Too many choose the divided kind which aren't large enough to soak most things - especially lasagna and/or roaster pans

    Love the cabinet and countertops too!

  3. It looks FABULOUS - 200% better than it was! We want windows like that in our living room. Imagine the critters we could see!

  4. Unfortunately, Large/low windows are an invitation to dog slobber. Beware.

  5. I really love the french doors and the living room remodel. The bathroom is perfect. When can I move in???

  6. Great remodel...I happen to know a house in Richmond that needs some work........