Thursday, May 23, 2013

Week 34, The In Between Projects Project

We've had lots of traffic at the project house and a few buyers coming back for second or third looks. No offers yet, but still early days.

In the meantime, The Mr. and Helper Bob are building a small deck at a different house in the neighborhood.

Here's the before photo. Just a patio of tired old pavers.

Well, so those had to go, right? And the digging begins.

The digging started with just an auger, but it soon became clear that the bony New England soil was going to require more serious machinery.

The Mr. is very experienced handling a backhoe and got things started and did all the digging near the house.

Then Helper Bob got his initiation into the wonderful world of the backhoe.

Yowsa! Look at the size of that rock! You'd think a glacier went through or something.

Of course continued progress is weather dependent, so things might be delayed for a few days due to predicted rain, but at least the holes for the footings can get inspected tomorrow.


  1. We understand all about those boulders! We can't wait to see the new deck!

  2. Isn't it every boy's dream to drive a digger when they grow up! The trees in the background looks lovely. No worries, and love, Carol