Sunday, June 30, 2013

No News Yet and Starting Our Own Project

Our realtor isn't worried, so I suppose we shouldn't be either. Plenty of traffic at the project house, but no offers yet, and I am just a tad concerned as the carrying costs have consumed the buffer and will soon be eating into profits. But nothing one can do but wait....

The little deck project was finally completed after suffering through weather shut downs due to alternating monsoon rains and jungle hot weather. It awaits inspection tomorrow.

Meanwhile, an actual project on our very own estate is about to commence. That being the building of an additional bay on the garage.

In anticipation of work starting, here are some before photos.

Typical two car stand alone garage.

From the yard side where you can see from the white line where the new bay will end.
This is going to be great as it will provide ready access to both front and back yards for the lawn tractor and snow blower (might even mean the end to my hand digging of Dexter's comfort paths in the winter).

Because the Mr.'s van is too big to fit, we've always had half of the garage dedicated to storage. When we bought the house, there were no garage doors so the Mr. popped on a set of french doors on the non-car side. Much nicer for going in and out.

This is where the third bay will be. Hopefully marking the end of the unattractive clutter that now collects in that corner.

When the Mr. was done with the last house project, he enacted a new rule that "all tools much be where they can be seen and reached without moving anything." 

That meant that the storage part of the garage had its contents tossed recklessly outside in order to make way for the proper arrangement of carpenter equipment.

Part of me suspects that having to scrounge through weeds and debris to find my hedge clippers was part of the Mr.'s plan to help me see the necessity of a larger garage.

When weather shut down the deck job, the Mr. was working on new windows for our garage.

I confess that it seemed to be taking an extraordinarily long time to build two little windows.

Of course I forgot about his minimum standards for decorative details.

Yes, our garage will one day (hopefully by the end of the summer) not only be 50% larger, but it will also look like a little Victorian cottage. 

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Deck Work and Something for Our Estate

First it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and then it got wicked pissah hot. Ugh. What next? Locust?

The Mr. set Helper Stan and Sr. Helper Bob to work digging. 

Look at Sr. Helper Bob go! He's a blur.

While Helper Stan opted for slow and steady.

Then another day of torrential rain and finally, cooler weather. Just in time for framing!

Hey, Sr. Helper Bob, are you sitting down on the job?

And big news back at our estate. Our new front door arrived! Woo hoo! Very fancy.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Deck Update

No sooner were the footings dug for the little deck project than it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. 

After the skies cleared (and the Mr. pumped out the footing holes), the temperatures soared to almost record breaking highs. 

Today, it's going to hit triple digits again, but concrete for the footings has been poured and work is progressing.

Plus, there is a new arrival. Meet Helper Stan.

Senior Helper Bob was soaking up the last of the shade before getting things going.

Good luck, guys, and stay hydrated.