Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Have an Offer (and a new front door)

We have an offer on House #3! Woo hoo!

The inspection is completed, but we still need the bank appraisal and P&S so it isn't over yet, but we're getting closer.

On the home front, the garage addition has been put on hold due to some other stuff that is happening this summer.

No worries, lots of "small" jobs to be done to brighten our estate. First and foremost, the new front door.

Here's the before. BORING!

And during. That new door was in and out so many times that I lost count. Trying to get things just right in a crooked old brick house isn't easy. Of course it was BOILING hot the entire time.

Ta da! 

Note that the new door swings in the opposite direction. This has greatly improved traffic flow. I love all the light that comes in now. It's changed a dark nasty hallway into a well lit entry (of course an entry that now is showing its tired condition more readily as the hallway is still 1949 original - all in good time).


  1. Actually the hallway dates back to 1939. Finally,something older than me.

  2. Your new front door is beautiful and so are the gold pineapples ♥

  3. Sweet as. I too, would love a front door with glass to let in more light but instead of showing up the age of the hallway, it would just show up slobber on the hall walls and my lack of cleaning hahaha. Your little basement windows at ground level always intrigue me. I don't know anyone with a basement. No worries, and love, Carol