Saturday, August 31, 2013

Garage Work Commencement

While we've put the garage addition on hold, the garage face lift has begun. The poor old thing is saggy and worn. First item on the agenda was to strip off the siding and see what's underneath.

Not surprising for these parts, underneath was lots of ick and carpenter ant damage. No sign of the ants themselves which means they've moved on to some other wooden structure. Hopefully not our house (which luckily has brick on the lower half) or the barn (which has ant resistant pressure treated wood on the lower portions). 

The Mr. is cutting out all the punky wood. He mentioned something about "structural members" yesterday which is my signal to hide inside and not look until it's all over.

Those horizontal lines in the wood are from the ants. Nom, nom, nom.

I don't think I ever showed you the front door with the trim up. Took the Mr. a few tries to get exactly what he wanted, but the final product is splendid.

Never a lack of things to do at our estate.


  1. OMD the garage will be good as no time.

    The Front door is VERY INVITING. Love that look with the brick.

  2. We understand about the structural member stuff. It scares our mom too!
    Your front doorway looks beautiful!