Saturday, October 26, 2013

Housing Prices, Garage, and Woodpecker

Things aren't looking good right now for acquiring House #4. Because while prices for fixer uppers have gone up, the selling prices haven't gone up as fast. Those skanky, run down, icky ranch houses are selling for a good 30% more than they were just two years ago, but the finished nice houses that are our bread and butter are only going for about 15% more. You do the math.

Meanwhile, the trim on the front of our garage is looking very happy with a coat of paint.

Before the front can be finished, the side needs to be stripped and get new new sheathing. The Mr. will take advantage of having the framing exposed to put in some more support structures with the aim of preventing further twisting and sagging.

Now for the latest on Mr. Woodpecker.

Apparently the caution tape was too subtle a message for him, so we've upped the ante with professional grade Triple Threat Bird Scare 'em Tape.

This tape is supposed to strike fear into the red headed menace on three levels; scary shiny reflection, movement, and sound.

Today wasn't a good trial as the wind was interfering with small bird flight and I suspect Mr. Woodpecker was distracted from his persistent displays of machismo. 

We'll just have to wait and see.


  1. The next holes in my octagonal fluted, hand made columns will be the overshot of a 12ga. aimed at Woody.

  2. The Master is too funny! Those ribbons sure are festive looking. Maybe you can get different colors to put up during different times of the year.


  3. We like the way Master thinks - stoopid woodpeckers! They peck holes in dad's barns too and it rolls out the red carpet for the squirrels and chippers to venture inside! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    The trim looks fabulous!

  4. Have to go with the Master on the Woodpecker approach. Not that we've actually shot anything (although Gary was tempted to go after our woodrat with a .22), but our tolerance for rodents (with wings or without) is low.

    -Dr. Liz, and not Fiona the dog who is rather keen on watching the squirrels

  5. I bet Mumsie and The Boys will loan out DaBobeastie -

    That will SO take care of DaPecker -

    Just sayin'